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Personally, I watch Quick Looks 90% for the personality of the guys with games they might not normally play. I actually find the Quick Looks of big budget games a little dull and prefer to wait for them to play those game during a TNT where its a little more laid back and not as serious.

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I can get info/video on a game anywhere.

I can only get my Giant Bomb crew in one place.

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Sometimes for info on the game, always for the entertainment.

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well, I start watching to get a feel for the game on the quick look

but I really stick around because of the crew's personality...

there should be a "both" option

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If it doesn't at least have Jeff or Ryan in it, and its not a flight club, I'll skip it. Brad, Vinny, and Patrick together don't really manage to #crackwise as well as those wisecrackers.

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Both, definitely. If it's a game I'm really interested in, I'm usually want to see it being played. I love Quick Looks for giving me a view of games. They have inspired many purchases. Even if I'm not interested in the game, I will watch every single Quick Look for a chance to see some craziness and hilarity. As an example, I was extremely bored with today's Ravaged QL and thought it had been a waste of time. Getting to the part where Vinny and Brad lose it made it entirely worth the boredom until that point.

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Because fuck you, that's why! ...I mean, personality for most games, coverage for games that I'm interested in.

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@Morningstar said:

Sometimes for info on the game, always for the entertainment.

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Both. I don't know if I would have ever found out about the Edna & Harvey games if not for the QL of the new one.

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It's usually for a bit of both, although the more entertaining the better. So I guess the personality takes precedence. Where else would we learn about such characters as The Pro, Pig Sticker and Big Jeffrey? Among many more memorable moments, of course.

There tend to also be winning combinations. Vinny and Jeff is always completely enthralling and side-splitting. Ryan and Jeff in a bad game, or a crazy game, plays well. Vinny, Dave or Drew with literally anyone else, but especially each other, is pure entertainment as well. And I guess Brad and Patrick are alright too, so I'll watch theirs.

So I'll watch any QL whatsoever, is what I'm saying.

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because happiness exists, and I intend to find it.

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Because quick looks have replaced television, I no longer need to watch TV because quick looks are there.

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If it's a game I'm interested or don't know anything about then I'll watch it to learn more about it and see if I'll like it. If it's a game I know I'm not interested in then I'll watch for the personalities.

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If I just wanted to see the gameplay I could do a YouTube search and find some. Even when that stuff is available, I wait for a Giant Bomb quicklook. I'd say this means I'm more in it for the the commentary of people I somewhat identify with. Saying that, I do skip through large chunks of games I have little interest in. Unless I'm really bored... then I'll watch anything.

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exactly what everybody else is saying: for extended gameplay video plus the charming quirkiness that our Fearless Leaders bring to the table

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I buy way less games now than I used to so I mostly watch QLs to see the guys goof around but every once in a while I get so see a QL of a game I've been interested in and seeing them playing the game sometimes decides if it's a deal or no deal for me.

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For entertainment.

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Both, although a vast majority of the time it's just to hear the guys talk about games since I won't usually buy the games that they play. There have been a few times where I've bought a game that I had no interest in before based on a quicklook.

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So when Patrick talks about every "system and mechanic" the game has or Ryan spends 10 minutes in menus, I shut it off.

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A little bit of both. 
It also depends on the game. For example I was a bit interested in Lucius, so I watched that for the game more than the commentary, but I watch the flight club almost exclusively for the commentary.

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I come for the Vinny and stay for the Vinbro.

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Want a "real" answer? I think for everyone on the site, it depends on the game. There are Quick Looks of new releases that are obviously meant to be informative information, and there are Quick Looks for games no one has any intention of playing that are purely there for entertainment. Both serve their purposes.

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For entertainment.

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BOTH! That word looks strange to me now.

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For games that I am already interested in I will watch Quick Looks to see what its like to help me make up my mind, much more than reviews these days but I also watch all the other Quick Looks just because I love seeing the guys play them.

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I definitely watch for the GB crew. God damn, they're funny guys!

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Both, but I definitely do it for A. I'm one of those people that fucking hates it when they don't give a game a good showing.

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Both, but mainly for the info, because I feel the GB cast is honest and upfront with how they feel about a game, but they can find something of entertainment value from every game. And like it's been said above, lack of money or desire to focus on things other than gaming for awhile sometimes makes you curious to check gameplay videos out, in case you are missing out on something. The fact that the GB crew is really funny as well is just icing on the cake.

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Lately I have been avoiding Quick Looks of games I'm really looking forward to and just watch the others. Sometimes I don't even see most of the video and just have the chat in the background.

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Mostly for the personality. Sometimes to learn a little about a game. If I already plan on buying the game, I'm less likely to watch the quick look to avoid spoilers.

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@Hizang said:

Because quick looks have replaced television, I no longer need to watch TV because quick looks are there.

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For both reasons honestly. It's just an awesome combination of righteousness.

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Both, kinda? Mostly, I watch Quick Looks to get a taste of games I'll probably never play.

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Vinny. That is all.

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I definitely don't watch the quick looks for information. The quick looks are very hit/miss when it comes to thorough info about games. However, they are always funny in some way, and it's more entertaining to hear reactions from the crew than anything else.

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Originally Id have said personality, but I havent enjoyed the videos like I used to since it was just the original crew and the site still was not charging any money. I dont know if its the combination of games, or that I prefer my video/audio content limited to Jeff, Ryan, Vinny and Brad...And well some Dave is good too, but site has lost alot of its comedy flair.

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Both but primarily Giant Bomb's personality.