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@yyZiggurat said:

What kind of worth reading is this? These aren't even clickable links.

They're clickable now, but anyway:

Highlight > Right-click > Open in new tab

It's not that hard.

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Man that sounds painful. Get well soon Patrick!

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Ouch, hope you have a speedy recovery.

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I hear ya Patrick. Week 5 since I fractured my clavicle. No surgery needed but the brace and pain are no bueno. Hopefully they can put you in a figure-of-eight brace. Heal well good sir!

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Aw. Get well, Patrick! Collarbones aren't that important, right? They're only right next to your... neck... and arms... and... well. Okay. It might be a little important. Eep.

...hope you get all fixed up and feel nice and not broken soon, Mr Klepek, and I also hope if they can't save your collarbone, that they at least install some kind of awesome robot shoulder into you! With a missile launcher! And a torch!

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Yer should have had yer copy written up before Thursday ya damn goon! You're getting into a writing cycle similar to me it seems (do shit late). Buck up lad or you're out on your ass. JUST LIKE ME.

Get really better really soon.


Hah, you listen to Cane & Rinse. You should check out the Gaming Cult podcast too, their end of year edition methodology of going through every game, in chronological order, that everyone did or didn't play is insane.

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I fully expect a video sometime after your recovery of you walking up to that pothole and unloading a clip into it while screaming Rambo-style. Get better soon!

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i'm glad this got filed in the proper place. patrick, are you on any cool meds? journal entries for dreams if you are man! get better, duder!

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Good luck, get well soon.

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I hope you heal up soon Patrick. But take solace in this, there are way worse (and WAY more embarrassing) ways to break your collarbone. Believe me, I've experienced one of them

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Hope to have you back soon Patrick.

I hope all is well and you have a speedy recovery!

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jeez, hope you were wearing a helmet sir!

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Get better soon.

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I hope you feel better soon Patrick! I did a similar thing and split open my chin. Though now I have a fairly gnarly scar across my chin which is better than not having one, so, and I mean this as a good thing, I hope you have some gnarly scars too.

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Linkdumps are cool and shit, but one of my personal goals in life is to never, ever click on a random youtube link. While it's easy to surmise what the articles you link to are about from their URL, I'll simply skip over stuff like youtube.com/whateverthefucknonsensebbq. It would be nice if a little description was included along with the link i.e. youtube.com/whatisthisidonteven (funny cat video).

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If you live somewhere where its suitable to ride a bike outdoors in Mid-February, your a bitch.

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Get Well

Get Well Soon

We wish you to get well

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I hope you feel better soon. The collar bone is a painful bone to break.

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Get well soon, Patrick!

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And on your birthday, too? Lame gift, universe. Get better, Patrick.

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Sorry to hear about your accident, man. But good on you for soldiering on and still getting us a Worth Reading for this week.

Get well soon!

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Thanks for posting the links despite the broken freaking collar bone. Best of luck to you in recovery.

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IGN is no longer the property of Rupert Murdoch? Hopefully this is good. Maybe. Not that I see them doing anything other than giving the highest ratings to companies that pay them well.

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I once pulled a similar stunt riding my bike home from a friend's house and tore my knee up pretty bad in the process. Coincidentally, that was the same night that my mom rented me Bubsy 3D. Yeah.

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That really sucks. I tore up some muscles, tendons etc in my leg and was out of work for three weeks. I just went back early last week. Still not seeing 100% recovered in the near future which is tough when that job is 40 hours of on your feet lifting and hauling.

Get better and come back soon.

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I will be massively disappointed if you post up the x-ray of your broken collarbone and someone doesn't immediately Photoshop a copy of Brad photobombing it.

With that said, I've broken my collarbone...twice...in the same place both times. Shit hurts like a bitch, man. Get better soon...and pro tip: make sure you put something underneath the collarbone brace they plan on giving you. Those things itch like a muthafucker.

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This is what you get for trying to be healthy! Rest up and feel better.

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You better share this story on the next bombcast, in all of its painful details !

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Hey Patrick, good on you for wearing a helmet. Seriously. My fiancee had a terrible bike accident this last summer, and I think the only reason she isn't brain damaged or dead is because of the helmet. I don't give a shit about the scars, I still have her. She's also a very experienced cyclist, finishing the Mountains of Misery 100k ride in the top ten for females. It can happen to anyone. Good on you for making sure Katie still has a husband.

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@Nightriff said:

Why even do this at all, just fucking rest

For all the shit he gets, Patrick is easily the hardest-working Bomber, alongside Jeff. It's really awesome how dedicated he is to this job.

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Get well soon Patrick.

#84 Posted by Novis (179 posts) -

Dude, you didn't have to do it. But thank you anyways! Happy birthday and get better!

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Let's crowdsource Worth Reading this week. Everyone summarize each thing and post it!

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I posted this on my facebook page Thursday afternoon, Patrick breaks his the same day...
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@The_Nubster said:

@Nightriff said:

Why even do this at all, just fucking rest

For all the shit he gets, Patrick is easily the hardest-working Bomber, alongside Jeff. It's really awesome how dedicated he is to this job.

No, the video crew is.

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Get well soon!

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your collarbone is definitely worth mending

i'm sorry, feel better :)

e: best i've done is suffer a minor concussion flippinig over my bike and waking up in an ambulance some time later, so i can't really relate.

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damn son, now that's heart

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Well get better Patrick!

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Anyone else getting Triplets of Belleville vibes from Le Petit Tour?

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jeez, hope you were wearing a helmet sir!
Haven't you noticed? He's always wearing a helmet.
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Ouch! Get better soon Patrick!!! Speedy recovery man :)

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I like to imagine that Patrick is so high on painkillers that he typed out all of those links letter-by-letter, digit-by-digit.

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@Waffley said:

Also I can't actually spot a Skate 3 link in there but the header image reminded me that anyone who loves watching ragdolls do hilarious/bizarre/buggy things needs to watch HelixSnake's and his fellow Skate 3 players' videos.

Loading Video...

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSss this is one of my favorite videos of ever.

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Get well soon Patrick, but seriously quit giving John Walkers opinions credence, the man is a joke of a writer these days. His rant about David Cage's Keynote is so off base you have to wonder what exactly it was that Cage did to him personally to earn such vehemence.

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nothing says happy birthday like a shot of demerol

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i guess this is you resting

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Post 100 Wooo!!!

100x better than post #1

Also get well soon duder and way to work through the pain