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Has anyone else been able to actually do anything? I've walked out the car, and been forced into a race situation where it is 'Waiting for other players' and then nothing. Done this three times now, haha.

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It launched already? I'm looking forward to checking it out after work tonight so I hope it's somewhat functional then

I hope it works for the live stream

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@venatio: It sure has. Nothing seems to be working, however. Once it gets into the Waiting for other players state, I can't do anything. I have to go the Xbox Dashboard.

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I'll try it when I get home, which is about 2 hours from now. I'll report back on these issues if it's still relevant then.

Also, @baillie, what console are you playing this on? This might be important. I'm playing on a 360 myself.

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Still not live on PS3 (sadface) I'm just sitting here launching the game over and over hoping for the update.

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@baillie said:

Has anyone else been able to actually do anything? I've walked out the car, and been forced into a race situation where it is 'Waiting for other players' and then nothing. Done this three times now, haha.

Expect GTA:O to be broken for at least a week, as is the case with every popular online game.

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Hope it works better on PS3 then

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Rockstar have been pretty open in saying that GTA Online will be kinda busted at first.

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@asurastrike: @cosmokramer: 360 for me.Also yes, I did expect the game to be broken but literally not being able to do anything, at all... Is kind of a bummer.

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It isn't supposed to be available for another 30+ minutes. Maybe why.

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Im playing just fine. About to be at level 4. That race thing is the start of the online tutorial.

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I got stuck in a loading screen. Trying it again.

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Still not working here. Might as well keep clicking cookies.

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I wonder if having John Marston as your daddy is a one time thing... I fiddled around a bit there then hit random and it turned him into a fully random daddy just like my mommy... and after that I couldn't seem to change it back to marston :S Oh well... I made a pretty lady that sleeps 10 hours a day, while I stay awake trying to connect into this online video game!!!!

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They said it would be broken, give it some time.

Waiting for it to launch on PS3......

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I got stuck in the first race as well, bunch of people started showing up/leaving, but it sat there for minutes saying "Launching Session..."

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@zerosignal: yup and if you relaunch the game, go into SP first then launch MP from there it kinda looks different a bit but ultimately stalls at the same point, waiting to connect to peeps. Would have been smoother if it didn't force you to connect to a match the first thing out of the gate, at least let you wander and select the mission manually or something :S iunno.

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Yo, I can't even download the patch! Twice now does it ask me to download it, but then before it even begins it all just locks up... PS3 btw.

Wait, never mind.... third time's the charm ect.

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Ive got the PS3 patch and created my character, no luck actually playing online beyond that though.

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Can't even access the socialclub site itself... I assume high traffic on the game in all forms is going to make actually playing any part of it that's connected to the net a no go for most of today :S INTERNET WOES!

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@djjoejoe: the John Marston dad seems to only pop up if you hit random or if it starts you off on him.

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It seems to me like trying to play the very second it goes online is just asking for frustration. I'll give it a try later in the day.

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Noticing a lot of pop-in and frame rate drops and… now the servers are down. I'm just gonna wait this one out.

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The worst part for me isnt the online problems, Im sure we were all expecting those. Its the fact that when it does fail it dumps you back out into the single player everytime.

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Must. Make. Jesse Pinkman-lookalike.

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The intro drive with Lamar looked like the (disc2 install movie) everything was just pop-in. (360 with disc 2 on usb)

Then stuck on loading session like others, seems like Rockastar saying "go to school!".

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keep getting stuck at various points during the race set up

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I at least got to the character creation process, but yeah, as expected it's pretty busted right about now.

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Just got into my first online, competitive match. The first guy on the other side I saw was in a Dumptruck. It's great.

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Based off time spent with MMO launches & how freaking big this game is in sales, best thing is to just wait a week or two for them to get it all fixed.

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Mine froze at the "create player" screen.

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character creator sucks so bad .......

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@thatdutchguy said:

character creator sucks so bad .......

Yeah, idea seemed interesting, in practice it is completely frustrating.

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Is anybody surprised by this news, Ithis game sold like crazy and I'm not sure Rockstar knew how popular it's online would be. As they really don't have much Experince with popular online games.

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Character design looks like shit, connected for a second and disconnected forever. I think we were all expecting this, with a little itty bitty hope of this being good. Just sucks they put about half the trophies/achievements for this game on the online portion of the game. Also sucks I woke up at 4 am in the morning just to see what this is all about.

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Not really surprising, but yeah, it's kinda busted at the moment. I got to that first race event and my 360 totally locked up while waiting for "Creating Session". Restarted and it couldn't load my character and got stuck on a loading screen.

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Welcome to online launches! Surprised that the update even downloaded!

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If you cant get into the online try starting a solo session from the online tab of the pause menu. at least you can do that for now until the servers get sorted out.

Okay got to the race and it failed out. I guess even solo mode cant fix it.

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Oh good, at least it's broken.
If not then we could've been sure that hell would've frozen over and the world would've ended.
This only means that everything is still as it should be

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Welcome to online launches! Surprised that the update even downloaded!

I think what's really jarring is the initial setup because there really isn't much to the create a character feature. I can understand what they were going for with the whole create your family hierarchy to figure out what race you will be but wouldn't it have been easier to just create some sliders and allow a little bit more flexibility with your character instead of the randomness of it? I honestly was hoping for something on par with Saints Row 3rd and 4th, seriously rockstar don't you have 100 of millions of dollars on hand to do this.

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Guys driving around robbing stores is great.

And I was just doing a job for Simeon where me and 3 other dudes had to go steal some rich dudes cars and decided to race to his house and it was awesome. Then my game froze up and I had to quit. But it was fun while it lasted.

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Well, I will wait and try the MP on the weekend...

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Like most everyone else, PS3, made my character smooth as silk, can't get into an actual game. Expected this though. As far as I'm concerned they have...*scrolls up*seven hours and 58 minutes to get this under control. LOL.

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No surprise there, but no biggie, I still got some stuff left to do in single player.

@nodima said:

As far as I'm concerned they have...*scrolls up*seven hours and 58 minutes to get this under control. LOL.

I very much agree with your sentiment.

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It locked up for me during character creation.

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Got through the drive with Lamar and got to the point where it said "drive to the race trigger" and was unable to trigger the race. Tried it a second time and it has lost my character.

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I tried desperately to make a female character that didn't look like a dude in drag... seems 95% of the time I fail, I think only the black grandparents offer up a female looking female character some of the time and anyone else it's dude lookin' ladies. Crazy, almost reminds me of Oblivion style monstrosities haha.

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Never got online. Did get to create a character and check who was in crews. Looks like the update fixed the time display of Nasdaq stocks.