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I was thinking about this the other day, and I realized that I only have 1 gamer friend, and that is my younger brother. I know people that play games, but most of them are the kind of people that only play COD or believe something like prototype is way better than something like GTAIV or Skyrim or Metal gear, and are mostly interested in running around destroying stuff rather than beating the game, so I wouldn't consider them gamers.I used to have a bunch friends who did play all kinds of games but since I changed schools I haven't seen them a lot.

I'm an active person, I workout almost every day and for the longest time I've had very little time for gaming. Unintentionally or not, most of the time I end up hanging with people that are like that, more interested in sports, cars, girls, and well, Not games. And when ever I meet a gamer and I try to befriend him, he seems nervous, but mostly when I try to get them to try something else, so we can still hang out even if we're not going to be playing, is when they pull away. I think is because my other friends are also there, and even though I'm talking games with him, my friends conversation subjects can be a little superficial.

Its odd not to have people to talk about how cool the first dragon fight in Skyrim was with anyone else but my brother, but I'm glad hes there. We can talk and play games and even have similar humor.

What about you guys. Do you have gamer friends?

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I got 2 gamer friends, and a few online buddies.

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A condition for that would be to have friends in the first place. So no.

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Just me little brother. Me best friend used to be a dedicated gamer too, but ever since he became a family man he doesn't play much else besides Fifa.

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Yeah, most of my friends are gamers but none of them are as hardcore as me. The closest I have is a buddy that is WAY into MMO's and buys pretty much all of them and grinds the fuck out of them for one or two months.

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I got one gamer friend.

@Video_Game_King said:

A condition for that would be to have friends in the first place. So no.

I'll be your friend VGK. Then I'll have 2 gamer friends!

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I used to have a few friends in high school who played games, but now the only 'gamer' friends I have play COD and the occasional big budget blockbuster thing, or just Nintendo games. I've made a few online friends that I play co op with now and then. So overall, not many,

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Yea... pretty much all of my friends are gamers, and when I have no one to talk to about a new game, I usually just come here.

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Video games are the common ground for me and most all of my friends. Beyond that, I don't really 'hang out' at all.

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I have friends who sorta like, but aren't really into games. I only have one "gamer" friend

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I thought I was the only one

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A few, yeah.

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My Mum is really into Chuzzle.

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Yeah, most of them.

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I dont really have friends. I have co workers that game, and I have a Job coach that games. Oddly enough I know 4 gamers in real life, and 3 of them are woman.

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I've teamed up a lot with the same people within specific games, but I've never met up with the same person/group of people in multiple games. For one it requires a lot of the same tastes in games. While some want to stay with a game others want to move on to the next thing.

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I have only two gamer friends, but only one who plays regularly. Since I really dislike playing online with strangers, that makes multiplayer games decided less appealing.

For those of you who keep saying you have no friends... Really? That's really sad. Even having one friend makes the world a much brighter place.

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One friend who actively lives games as in checking the gaming news, following stuff.
One who games in his spare time and usually follows trends (or steam sales).
I used to have two friends who were as mental about gaming as I am, lots of co op and multiplayer with those two. 
Games like Smash Bros and Halo for example.
They grew up however, I didn't.
Their loss.

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I don't have any friends, so no. But I imagine it'd be pretty cool to have friends that were into the same games I play or to motivate me into getting better at competitive games we played together, though.

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Pretty much all of the people I am friends with are gamers in some way.

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I'llbe your friend too

Though being friends with your brother is great, you can have things in common.

You should try to meet them after work, maybe you can become friends.

True, although, knowing people with different tastes allows you try new things. That's how I got into castlevania SoTN and RPGs

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I have 5 friends that I hang out with in real life and they are all gamers.

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Got like 5-6 friends who play games pretty casually and 2 that play quite a lot. One plays SC2 one plays Diablo 3.

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Not really, but I have a few people who I have met over the internet that I have known for 6 years, so I count those people.

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A few.

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Have around 5 gamer friends. And then a few online buddies i have talked to every day the last 6-7 years or so.

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@narley: I would but, Its complicated.

One of the girls is dating an asshole, who is also one of the coworkers I mentioned. And so I wouldn't want to bother with ether of them, even though she is a great girl and gets treated like crap. One of the others is my job coach, and so I cant really ask her to hang out. The other one might be up for it, but we both have different hours, so when Im leaving, shes usually just getting there. So we dont talk much.

Its a good thought, thanks for suggesting it.

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My two best friends since middle school are still my friends and we've always played games though all of us play much less than we once did. I also have a few friends from when I played lots of WoW a long time ago.

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I've got some friends that will occasionally "bro out" and play CoD or Madden, but nobody that is hardcore into gaming like me.

Sometimes I do really wish I had friends that I could geek out about that stuff with. I think my quality of life would probably skyrocket if I actually found some people to hang out with that shared more common interests with me, but I guess the Giant Bomb community will suffice until that happens.

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Yeah, quite a few actually

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I know quite a few gamers at my school but I never talk to them

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I have two work friends that are gamers, but they aren't people I hang out with outside of work. All my gamer friends are people I went to college with, and most of them were fellow game design students. Also Steve, whom you may know better as Lemon, is a gamer friend of mine. But all those people are back in California, which makes playing or talking about games with them more difficult.

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I know some people but few are into what I like and I try to join them in their MOBA/MMO group thing but those games get pretty boring and cosuming and none of them play console games all that much.

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I have a few gamer friends, but none of them follow the trends and news with the fervor I do.

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most of em yes

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Yup, most of my friends are gamers. How closely they follow games and what games they're into varies though.

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a little, its too bad they are xbox 360 gamers instead of pc gamer.

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The last gamer friend I had was the character I created in Skyrim, does that count?

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A few, no fellow bombers though.

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I love the giant bomb community, although having people to talk to in real life is also really cool. I've made the effort of trying to befriend other gamers but it doesn't always work. I've meet really geeky gamers though, I guess that's why they shy away from hanging with my non gamer friends. Having my brother to geek out with really helps. Try going out of your routine to find other gamers. We're everywhere except we're not always easy to spot.

Talk to them, you already share a common interest.

I dislike that people think growing up means you cant do what you like anymore. Their loss(:

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Well, yeah, two of them. They're my closest friends.

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If you are counting former gamers than probably four dozen or so.

Used to go a large number of LAN parties back in the day. I really miss LAN parties, kind of like who older gamers lament the loss of the arcade I feel like LAN was just as big if not bigger a loss in terms of social interaction. Online doesn't come close. Easier to play with friends dispersed across the country, but harder to meet new friends and the randos suck.

Only about 6 or so who still play with regularity and most don't play the same game I like, and only two I actually play on a semi regular basis with. Of what's left I am undoubtedly the most "hardcore".

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I know quite a few people who game but they only play certain games and don't follow nor care about what happens in gaming. I'm probably the most hardcore person I know who's in to games so I don't really have anyone to talk to games about but that's why I come to GB!

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Living far away from your friends is hard.

lucky you, and they're even into different games, which opens you up to trying new stuff, that's really cool

I think not, but who am I to say

Yes. Lan partys or simply sitting on the same couch to play with someone. I miss that.

When I hear that people come to GB for this, I always think of the segment in the Making Of video of Halo 2, where the guys that used to play online all the time meet up once a year to actually know each other. I wonder if the GB community should do something similar(:

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Yeah, I have a number of friends who play games quite a bit. Most of them aren't as hardcore into games as I am, and pretty much seem to stick to a few specific games/genres each. Basically everyone on my Steam list is a person I've known for a while through school or various activities like Boy Scouts. One of my closest friends pretty much only plays TF2 and BF3. A few of my friends are pretty much only playing DayZ right now.

The thing is I pretty much only have any contact with people at school, through the internet (via Steam, Facebook, etc), or the people who live in my house (my mom and sister). Other than my TF2 playing friend I've not seen most of the people I'd call my friends in person in at least 2 years unless they went to school with me and were in my classes. I can't drive yet (have to get the car fixed so I can take the driving test to get my license) and most of my friends from high school live at least 15-30 miles away, and public transit is shit around here for the most part. I pretty much only see people at school or at events related to Boy Scouts, which I don't go to often as of late because of school and other family commitments. The only friends of mine who pay anywhere near as much attention to the games industry as me are pretty far since they've gone to college farther from home than I did. One's at UC Davis and the other at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. That's roughly 4 and 7 hours away, respectively.

For the most part, myself and most of my friends are kind of socially awkward nerds. Also, most of us have known each other since kindergarten (we're all starting our second year of college, so quite a while) except my hardcore TF2 friend, who I've known since I joined my Boy Scout troop in the 5th or 6th grade.

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Most of my friends are avid video game players.

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i have a bunch I was rather lucky and the people who were only interested in cod i convinced try other stuff.

now every single one of them love BF3 also skyrim and bioshock and borderlands.

wish I knew more online gaming people that were cool to many people who just are not very chill.

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@nickb64: I used to know people who were into games like that when we were younger. We grew up and developed tastes for different things. I never stopped liking games though, we still hangout and are still close friends, just no longer talk about games. Sometimes you need to look for people who share your interest else were, and can still remain friends with the ones you have.

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Most of my friends only play COD or sports games, but I actually just got back in contact with old childhood friends that are way more nerdy. In fact, I just stayed up and watch the GSTL finals with them, something I've never done before.

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Nearly all of my friends.