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I prefer Science that is fictionalized.

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Fantasy. Swords, magic, mythical creatures, and skimpy clad girls in armor have always drawn me to the fantasy side. Science fiction has been too monotonous and just dreary for me to get into. Granted there are a few I like but just the emptiness of space and laser guns not being as cool as daggers gets to me.

#4 Posted by teh_destroyer (3690 posts) -

I prefer Sci-fi over fantasy to tell the truth. The fantasy genre sucked for a long time, but LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring pretty much broke grounds and breathed life into the genre as far as the movie industry goes at least.

#5 Posted by Brendan (8802 posts) -

Science Fantasy.  Take that, poll!
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Bald space marines over silly elves. 
I'm just fascinated by space, I wish I was born in the future so I could participate in an interplanetary war or something.

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When it comes to video games, defintiely sci-fi.  I mean the soundtracks that usually accompany science fiction is what really gets me into the mood.  The best of the best sci-fi beats best of the best fantasy.  I can see myself getting into Asimov and other shit like Dune (does that count) but fantasy books not so much.
Lasers go pew pew son!

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Bounty hunters over Rouges. 

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Fantasy. I love it all swords, magic, shining armor. Sci-Fi can be a little depressing for me at times.

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Sci to the fi baby.

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I def prefer Fantasy over scifi. No idea why but I've always liked Swords and bows more than laser guns. I spent a lot of my childhood with both but always liked the big cool fantasy worlds with dragons, dwarves, clerics, wizards, and all that fun stuff. Most space stuff just felt very limited compared to it. Sure in Star Trek they would randomly go to planets with cool stuff on it but it was all an episode by episode thing, nothing ever stuck, in the end it was always fly around and shoot lasers at dudes.

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I prefer sci-fi, even if my favorite movie trilogy is Peter's LotR.
Heck, I have a large sci-fi lore that I want turned into a game. That proves I love space, galactic civilization, aliens, and science in general.

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Definitely Sci-Fi.

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They are the same to me.
#15 Posted by captain_clayman (3349 posts) -

sci fi all the way
in space, you never know what's gonna happen on some unknown planet, but in fantasy, it's always elves and orcs and bows and arrows and blah blah blah blah

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I find Sci-Fi a lot more interesting than swords and magic and such.

#17 Posted by Tactical_Kill (1691 posts) -

Sci-fi for sure.

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Sci-fi, but I do like Stars Wars, which is magic and shit.

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I prefer fantasy, though I certainly do enjoy a scifi that's done right.

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I like them both, I love Mass effect and xenosaga, but it's the fact that there're some fantasy elements that I liked about them, even a lot of them are explained in a form of science fiction.

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I'll take bad fantasy over good sci-fi any day.

#23 Posted by MysteriousBob (6262 posts) -

I hate fantasy. Sci Fi any day.

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Fantasy. Interesting fantasy though. Not boring, generic fantasy. ie. Oddworld > Oblivion.

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I like both, but generally prefer fantasy. After all, I am naturally medieval.

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Fantasy. When I think about Sci-fi, it only leads to cheap, shitty movies on the Syfy channel.

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Tough choice but
fantasy>Science fiction.

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Neither, I'm more of a history buff. Let's keep it real, well, as possible.

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It depends on the media and universe, for the most part Sci Fi.

#30 Posted by Meteora (5844 posts) -

Science fiction. But both genuinely interests me.

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dont make me choose

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Oh shit, if you're talking about video games, well... crap that's hard, yeah... fantasy. Okay, Fantasy.

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Dark fantasy.

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Science Fiction. Mostly because a lot of that shit can't happen, but some of it can, which is awesome.
Though Fantasy is pretty good too. Mostly because of fucking magic.
If possible, I'd put Science Fantasy.

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@Brendan said:
" Science Fantasy.  Take that, poll! "
Demontech says hello! 
I prefer science fiction, I find that most fantasy is very dry and rarely as interesting as it once was.
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I like them both, so I can't participate.

#37 Posted by ThatFrood (3460 posts) -

I just like science.

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sci-fi, fantasty isn't all that great anymore. sci-fi is great for movies.

#39 Posted by ch3burashka (5590 posts) -

SciFi is way more interesting because it shows a future that could possibly exist. Fantasy is just a pipe dream.

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" SciFi is way more interesting because it shows a future that could possibly exist. Fantasy is just a pipe dream. "
In that case, I look forward to a reality that in any way resembles Sinistar
I have to go with Fantasy, but I have much love for Science Fiction as well.
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I do enjoy reading both fantasy and sci-fi, but I enjoy reading sci-fi more often than not.

#42 Posted by Gamer_152 (14297 posts) -

There are things I like about both genres but I prefer sci-fi. I like laser rifles and spaceships better than magic staffs and horses.

#43 Posted by ZanzibarBreeze (3205 posts) -

I hate both, but I'm in strong support of your Jack Bauer avatar.

#44 Posted by Landon (4134 posts) -

I like when they are in space, but use swords.

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Sci-FI, Especially the Post Apocalyptic sub genre like Madmax, Fallout and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 

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star wars. :p

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Space magic. In other words: 
" Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." -Arthur C. Clarke  
Traditional scifi and fantasy are birds of a feather. Scifi that could actually happen has its own name, hard scifi,  to distinguish it from space magic shit which encompasses every other kind of scifi. They're both essentially fantasy just with different motifs. Instead of having magic with a cryptic history that can't be understood (making no attempt to answer why the ring can make you invisible, just who made it and when), scifi (with the above mentioned exception) has technology with cryptic explanations that can't be understood to account for properties that are,  say it with me, indistinguishable from magic. When you try and do both, have a magic with history that's also a science with explanation, you normally end up with nonesense like metachlorians, which is why you don't do both. Unless you're an ass like George Lucas.

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Fantasy for books, Science Fiction for games.

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Scifi is better but fantasy comes very close.

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The Emperor Protects.