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#1 Posted by BillyTheKid (505 posts) -

When you are on the forum and you make a thread do you read through all the replies? I have to say that generally I do read through all of them. Unless one of my topics goes through the roof popular. Which never happens. :(

What about you guys?

#2 Posted by InternetCrab (1504 posts) -

Yeah, I pretty much do to get a hold of everyone's opinions.


#3 Edited by FluxWaveZ (19396 posts) -

If I make a thread, I definitely read through every comment in it, even if it has 261 comments or more.

#4 Posted by gelatinabomination (184 posts) -

I ALWAYS read my replies. All five of them or so!

#5 Posted by Donkeycow (558 posts) -

Of course, but i rarely start topics

#6 Posted by SexyToad (2722 posts) -

Always. Since I made the thread to hear people's thoughts. What the point of not reading through them?

#7 Posted by Video_Game_King (36271 posts) -

The only time I don't is when somebody @replies me in my own blog. At that point, I delete that message and just stare angrily at the offending party.

#8 Posted by Fattony12000 (7632 posts) -


#9 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4713 posts) -


#10 Edited by CaLe (4072 posts) -

I unticked the box which makes you get a PM every time someone @replies to you, so no. I don't see many of them.

I just noticed this is about topics. I don't make topics so no to that as well!

#11 Posted by Joeyoe31 (820 posts) -

Of course, why would I start a topic if I didn't want to hear peoples responses?

#12 Posted by GERALTITUDE (3690 posts) -

The only time I don't is when somebody @replies me in my own blog. At that point, I delete that message and just stare angrily at the offending party.

This is only half a joke. I got stared at once.

Yeah, I read replies.

#13 Posted by McGhee (6075 posts) -

Yes, but my threads are generally too specific to get a ton of replies.

#14 Posted by crusader8463 (14433 posts) -

Indeed. What's the point of making a thread if you don't read what people reply? I will admit to skipping over some walls of text if the person is just being a douche or trying to derail the topic, but yes I read them all.

What's fun is to go back to old threads you had made and see people bumped it months after you had made it and started more discussion. Or having your thread be linked to as the source for a fix for some game work around like a thread I made about Skyrim mods not working over here. Look at all of those views! I have had several threads like that over the years, one even became news on a few websites, but that is the most recent one. Always makes ya feel proud.

#15 Posted by Nightriff (5489 posts) -

@FluxWaveZ said:

If I make a thread, I definitely read through every comment in it, even if it has 261 comments or more.

This and I read all my comments. I try to reply to all of them but sometimes it isn't necessary. Like what I did to FluxWaveZ, feel free to not reply.

#16 Posted by AhmadMetallic (18954 posts) -

read me

#17 Posted by Sumbog (515 posts) -

Every thread I ever make only gets like two responses (cause none of you gosh darn kids go to the Crusader kings forums!), so ya I do. If I'm making a thread I'm looking for input, so of course.

#18 Posted by RazielCuts (2997 posts) -

I do but the only problem is you have to go back and look yourself to see if anyones replied and I feel like some lonely stalker constantly having to check back to the thread, it would be nice if you got a message in your inbox every time someone responded to your thread, whether they @ replied you or not.

#19 Posted by Cloudenvy (5891 posts) -

I would say yes, but I'm pretty sure I haven't read all the replies in the anime discussion thread.

#20 Posted by NekuSakuraba (7198 posts) -

Yes I do. Since I made the topic, I'm obviously interested in what you guys have to say, so I read the responses.

#21 Posted by Nev (571 posts) -

I don't post enough in general, but when I do I tend to post things that avoid any sort of confrontation, which considering 90% of internet posting tends to be based around arguing, doesn't get me a ton of replies.

When I do a get a reply, I'll read them all, certainly.

#22 Posted by Neurotic (633 posts) -

As a rule, I don't make threads. But I probably would read the responses until I got bored of the topic. I do read all of the notifications you get for @ replies and when you get quoted and stuff. Don't always respond to them though.

#23 Posted by the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG (4284 posts) -

Yeah Im a complete reply whore when it comes to my threads.  If you dont admit that, youre lying to yourself

#24 Posted by Fobwashed (2280 posts) -

@Video_Game_King: If someone

@Video_Game_King: @ replies you more

@Video_Game_King: than once in a single

@Video_Game_King: post, do you get

@Video_Game_King: multiple replies in your

@Video_Game_King: inbox?

I always read and keep my inbox clean. As far as I can remember, I always respond when it's a question.

#25 Posted by Video_Game_King (36271 posts) -


Just the one. I only get multiple PMs when it's in my blog.

#26 Posted by Redbullet685 (6107 posts) -

Sure do.

#27 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6789 posts) -

Yes, but I very rarely create topics.

#28 Edited by Vexxan (4619 posts) -

I don't think I've ever created a thread.

#29 Posted by Patman99 (1633 posts) -

The real question is: Do you?

#30 Posted by Turambar (6924 posts) -

Most of my threads are blog posts, so they are already in my mailbox anyways.

#31 Posted by ShockD (2421 posts) -

Always. Why would I start a thread if I won't read it's replies?

#32 Posted by TruthTellah (9532 posts) -

@BillyTheKid: Of course. Even the most popular posts will only get a few hundred replies, and most won't be directly toward the original poster. That's only a little bit of reading; so, why not?

#33 Posted by JerichoBlyth (1044 posts) -

I have 28 unread messages...because I know most of them are negative lol

#34 Posted by Giantstalker (1768 posts) -

Used to read them all, not so much anymore.

#35 Posted by Nux (2455 posts) -

Yes I do. I may not make a lot of threads but when I do I will view all the comments.

#36 Posted by BillyTheKid (505 posts) -

No it was in the tl;dr category.

I do read through all the posts. Though it baffles me why you do not get a message for posts in your thread. Though I did not read your post because tl;dr

#37 Posted by habster3 (3600 posts) -

Yes, I do (and sometimes I have regretted it).

#38 Edited by L44 (580 posts) -

I always do and I'm sure you would multiple times when you start threads like A simple problem.

#39 Edited by NTM (7616 posts) -

Same here, except for when I'm done discussing the topic I made, then I may skim through it, but I won't reply to it all or any of it. I like to try to respond to everyone though 'cause I know if you post your opinion and get no responses it feels kind of pointless, even if you may forget about it soon after. If the thread is old, I won't go back to it, and I'll be surprised if it gets bumped.

#40 Posted by dungbootle (2428 posts) -


I love you.

#41 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8609 posts) -


#42 Posted by ConfusedOwl (983 posts) -

Yeah I try to read all of them if there are a reasonable amount of them.

#43 Posted by Hunter5024 (6077 posts) -

I've only made like 3 topics but I read every comment. I usually feel like replying to all of them too.

#44 Posted by Tylea002 (2295 posts) -

If I make a topic, I'm automatically interested in the responses.

That would be why I made the topic in the first place.

#45 Posted by Marz (5676 posts) -

i read replies, sometimes i don't reply back.

#46 Posted by Azteck (7449 posts) -

I always read them after think "Who did I upset this time"

#47 Posted by Sbaitso (565 posts) -

Absolutely. But I don't make many threads, and don't get a large amount of replies either.

#48 Posted by Coafi (1494 posts) -

I would, but nobody ever replies to me :(

#49 Posted by Dixavd (1400 posts) -

In general, yes. However I will stop for some specific ones that get out of hand (i.e. sometimes responses can be overly negative and if it goes on for a long time then I will get annoyed and I will decide for myself to stop reading; since I am stupid enough to let this stuff get to me and I can even stress myself out about the idea that I have either offended or annoyed someone - but this rarely happens and I never reply to someone annoyed so this will never become a big deal and if I continue reading it or not won't matter since I have a strict rule not to reply anyway so no one will know if I am reading or not).

#50 Posted by pyromagnestir (4344 posts) -

The threads I make requesting naked pictures of the fellow users of Giant bomb get so few replies that I always read through all of them multiple times over.