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This is technically YouTube Spam, as much as I love the video.

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This is youtube spam but thank you.

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yea that was pretty amazing

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I honestly didn't know what to say with it; Suffice to say it seemed like it was completely in the realm of the Giant Bomb idiom.

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At least in the back of your head you know the mods have a little chuckle at the videos before they go 'serious mod mode' and lock the thread.

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That was amazing.

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That video was indeed quite good.

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I'm gonna request this be the rare exception that no commentary is necessary? That was super rad.

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ew, dubstep

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Nice special effects.

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That made my day. Thank you, sir or madam. 

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Hope the mods make and exception

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@Three0neFive said:

ew, dubstep
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A: Youtube Spam.

B: Klorox's Law of Dubstep is in effect: There shall be no mention of dubstep or presence of dubstep music in a public place without at least one person regurgitating an onomatopoeia of the wobble sound, be it via text or voice.

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Youtube Spam, but it is awesome. I wonder why there isn't more dubstep in games right now? You'd think it'd be all over zombie games due to the close-quarters stuff. That's the thing about dubstep, though; I only associate it with being way too close to a ridiculous number of people.

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Spam it may be, but it's still awesome. Thank you for sharing this.

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That's pretty darned cool. Well-produced video and music.

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Youtube spam 
also dubstep is fucking shit

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@Droop said:

@Three0neFive said:

ew, dubstep
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Flagged for Youtube spam!

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Get this shit out of here, you can't block a pure blast of dubstep with a battleaxe.

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Posting a youtube video without any personal input is youtube spam, no matter how potentially awesome it may be. We can't make exceptions unless it's new game related stuff or it's directly relevant to the GB community.

Sorry duder!