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If you enjoy orange juice, putting alcohol into orange juice is a good start.

Or if you sort of like rum buy a bottle of Baccardi 151 and shoot straight for the god damn moon

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Try a bunch of smaller sized drinks to find what you want, try the same with beer. Not really to get drunk but to narrow the drink range to what you like.

If you want a few suggestions: Eagle Rare bourbon with one cube of ice, single malt scotch, rum with coca cola or try a simple lime margarita.

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@vikingdeath1: So how did it go? Drunk as a sailor or...? In my country we're allowed to drink beer and cider from 16, so our drinking culture is quite different.

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oh whups, it seems none of us remembered to tell him not to mix drinks too much. Enjoy the hangover. :D

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Ahh I remember my nineteenth (drinking age here.) Me and some close friends (all older) in the local bar. They put $60 worth of drinks into me. "I'm not drunk. I'm not drunk!" Projectile vomit in the bathroom. The bouncers telling me happy birthday as they kicked me out. Telling the pretty girl who helped me home that I'd kiss her if I hadn't just puked on myself. Those were the days.

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I'm 24, and I haven't touched a fucking drop. It probably wouldn't hurt me none considering my nerves and how much headache and heartache that I go through each and every fucking day of my life of not finding a job and being stuck in the house all the damn time. Enjoy one for me bud, because if I ever get into alcohol... I may not see tomorrow morning, and it ain't going to be the alcohol that's going to do it. =-|

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@xymox said:

Also 'Murican beers seem to be basically tapwater (sorry gaise) so I don't know about those.

Oh don't worry it is.

Well the one's people know.

Obviously craft beers are a completely different story. I've had a 12% alcohol beer before which is sadly the limit in my state.

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"mainly because I've never found anything I've liked the taste of"

This may come as a surprise, but hardly anyone drinks booze for the taste.