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Currently, it's been Satellite Stories and their album Phrases to Break the Ice.

I discovered the band when I was digging up some old cardistry videos by Tobias Levin, and stumbled on this:

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It's pretty dumb, but I was hoping to learn a few moves from it. The song used is called "Kids aren't safe in the Metro".

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Body Count - Manslaughter

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U Talkin' U2 to Me?

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Samples a Ghost Face Killer verse.

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Been enjoying this dudes music recently.

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I don't even know what Mirai Nikki is but it's about time I find out after listening to this track so much.

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oh god.

i'm starting to like mcr.

what have i become

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22 days ago i said i was excited for K Flay's upcoming album. Well it's out and it's awesome. I've been listening to it on loop for a few days now. Not disappointed.

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cool jam.

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Currently listening to 311. The stuff that came out in the later half of the 90s while I was a freshman in high school (97).

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A lot of Lana del Rey's new album, Ultraviolence, but also Phantogram's Voices and London Grammar's If You Wait.

EDIT: oh, and this:

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Non-ironically. And I feel like an ass that I have to point that out, but there you have it.

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I recently saw the classic 70's industrial and post-punk band Chrome live, and picked up a CD with some previously unreleased stuff, including these great tracks (not exactly in their regular style, but still fantastic stuff):

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One of their more classic songs:

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Fireworks by Animal Collective, It's a song that just makes me feel so upbeat and wanting to hi-five a dude or two.

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Ikimono Gakari

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Battleblock Theatre is on sale on Steam, and I thought it was Cloudberry Kingdom, so now I'm watching the Cloudberry Kingdom quick look again and thinking "some of this music is great", and they were kind enough to display the song name in the beginning of levels.

So now I'm listening to Blind Digital - Evidence.

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It's been Arctic Monkeys obsessively recently, but I just bought that Paramore record that came out last year and I'm enjoying it quite a bit.

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Trying out Eminem's Encore. I like the previous three albums.

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I've fallen back into my teenage favorite The Hives. Ever since I found that live DVD I have of them two weeks ago all I have been listening to is The Hives, especially live stuff.

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As per usual:

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I've been listening to Joyce Manor's latest record since it was officially released on the 23rd. It's pretty good!

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Though, if you're unfamiliar, I strongly advise starting with their debut self-titled record from 2011. It is goddamn fantastic.

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When I first heard Ice-T did a cover of Institutionalized by Suicidal Tendencies I wanted to hate it, but it's actually pretty good and I can't stop listening to it. It's made go back and listen to a lot of punk I haven't listened to in years.

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I've been listening to Rhye's debut album fairly non-stop. It's just got a sort of timeless quality to it that I've really been enjoying, while also feeling modern.

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I've been listening to a lot of Cunninlynguists lately.

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I have absolutely no fucking idea how I managed to make it this far in life without Since I Left You by The Avalanches. 14 years old and yet it's better than 99% of electronic albums that came out afterwards (Cosmogramma by Flying Lotus is the only one that springs to mind, and even then only by the tiniest of margins)

Also some guy on r/gaming posted the cover for NBA Street Vol. 2 under the caption "Best basketball game out there" (He's right.), and someone else posted in the comments about the soundtrack. Goddamn, that soundtrack takes me back

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Queens of the Stone Age "like clockwork..." best last year's album this year! It has so many highs and lows; it is a culmination of years of song writing and rock n roll, by the band. If any album could be compared to remembering why I fell in love with music this is the Indian summer of my childhood revisited.

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Street Fighter II Victory's soundtrack, that one when Ken is imprisoned and unleashes for the first time the full power of his hado-shoryuken. So very sorry for the horrible quality of the video below.

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At this very second, "Master of Puppets" by Metallica. Recently, I've been listening to a lot of Kendrick Lamar.

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Wu Tang, Ice Cube, Bonobo, Led Zeppelin. A little bit of Frank Sinatra.

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Listening to Satanic Surfers, a Swedish punk band. It's actually not at all satanic, just some really solid anti-establishment punk rock. Also some Bigwig, The Impossibles, and Voodoo Glow Skulls.

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@steamrickroller: NBA Street 2 is sadly the last great arcade basketball game, a terrible shame and it's an amazing classic.

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A lot of Elliott Smith and Bright Eyes. Recently, a lot of Modest Mouse as well.

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BB King and Mark knopfler.... Fantastic piano in the background as well, just a brilliant song.

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Wow didn't know there were so many Swans fans here, that's great! Up until recently, I was always more occupied with doom, drone, noise, sludge, stoner type things but lately I've been really getting into 60's garage psych surf stuff such as

and something along those lines but far heavier (and totally awesome)

Also big thanx to the guy that linked Nick Cave's Stagger Lee, hadn't listened to it in years! I forgot how completely badass it was!

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I've been listening to these two albums pretty heavily lately. Chthonic's Bú-Tik is one of my favorite albums in a very long time. I've also kind of started a thing at work with "lounge metal" like Driving Mrs. Satan and Hellsongs so I get a ton of that in my ears. Hellsong's version of "Iron Man" is perpetually stuck in my head.

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Been on a bit of a Kiss kick lately particularly their song, Calling Dr. Love:

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Howard Kremmer - Gu Cruise! from the hit summer album Summah This Summah That

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Doom Tree - Own Yours from the album No Kings (dope!)

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and Grimes - Oblivion from Visions (I dont know why I like this song so much)

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one more Palehound - Drooler

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I've been listening to LP, love this song!

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I just discovered MF DOOM...

I've been missing out and now I have a huge backlog.

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Etherwood's Hospital Records 'mixtape'

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I only really find a pop musician I'm interested in once or twice every few months and they usually only have about 3 songs but SOPHIE dropped this the other day and it's rad. Otherwise I just listen to BBC radio 3 or whatever my mood calls for.

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Pandora is convinced that I love Lana Del Ray and Mumford and Sons. I have no idea how this happened, but I'm working to correct it. I mean, yes I said I liked one song by each, but that doesn't mean I want to hear them all the time!

To cleanse my palate I usually swap to soundcloud and listen to the Hotline Miami soundtrack. I could listen to that music all the time, no joke.

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@herk: If you like MF DOOM, check out Jurassic 5. I can't get enough of their music. This is one of their better known songs, but everything they do is quality.

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@patoday: Right, yeah they're good. I've only listened to Power In Numbers and Quality Control tho so I should definitely check out the rest.