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Sup fools,

I was at a diner earlier today eating waffles with some friends, when we noticed a fat kid eating a hoagie with a spoon.  The little kid was spooning it like one would eat pudding or something, and his mom was looking at her son.  She asked him if he liked mudkipz, and it got me and my friends thinking.  What do people honestly know about 4chan and the internet culture?

I am a lurker on 4chan, I rarely post, but I lurk everyday.  I am, however, a poster on PartyVan and a couple other IRC...some of which are down now.  People often think of 4chan as retards who are virgins and with nothing else to do.  This is not the truth, and most of the time people on 4chan are just regular guys.  Other people compare /b/ to the entire culture of 4chan....and this again is not good, as only a few set of people are /b/tards and don't make up 4chan.

So users on Giant Bomb, what do you honestly know about 4chan?  What's your first and gut impression of the culture there?  Is it good, is it filth?  Is it filled with CP (trust me it's not...or the FBI would be all over it in seconds)?

What's 4chan to you?
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what i know is that though they're gross and disgustingly sick in the head, they're the most amazing Internet phenomenon yet.

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It can be funny, until you see a gore thread.

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4chan has a number in it.

I'm outta suggestions.

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pretty much all of it is terrible

I mean I go to 420chan but 4chan really is terrible

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 a circus

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What I do want to now is. Why the hell do alot of peoples posts start with the seeing a fat kid doing something then it leading them to think of something nothing to do with the fat kid in the end?

Ive seen two or three this week, its great!

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a mom just asked her kid eating a hoagie like pudding if he likes mudkipz? crazy story. really

but anyway, i never understood what everyone has against 4chan, i thought it was cool that one time when they all had people voting Justin Bieber to tour in North Korea
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I know enough to never go there.

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I honestly don't know and don't really want to find out.

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I couldn't care less about 4chan.

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It's full of pedophiles.
No really.

No. Really.
It's also the source of pretty much everything unfunny or annoying about the internet.

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That is all.

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I have no idea, and I don't care to ever find out.

I also don't know what /b/ is, or PartyVan, or IRC, or CP for that matter.
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It's the trash of the internet so I usually try to stay away. 

Also what's with your obsession of watching fat kids eat? 
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It's a website. Where people talk about origami and firearms. Get over it, people.

4chan isn't some mystery. It's a forum. The only odd thing is that everyone is anonymous, meaning no silly web-reputations. If you have a weak stomach, strict morals or simply dislike morons, just stay away from /b/.
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Whenever somebody says something from 4chan out loud, it makes you cringe.
Also, reddit seems to be the new 4chan.

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I know it's difficult to navigate and ugly as sin.

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Well, my buddy found these coupons for free 24-packs of coke that you could print out and redeem (I don't know where they came from). Anyway, I had to dig through a load of kiddie-porn and dead bodies to find it.

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Most of the stuff there I don't find funny, but there's a thread every once in a while that makes my random browsing worth it.

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@BulletproofMonk said:
" I know enough to never go there. "
@I_smell said:
" It's also the source of pretty much everything unfunny or annoying about the internet. "
@mnzy said:
" Whenever somebody says something from 4chan out loud, it makes you cringe. "
annnd Yup.
How come most of your threads start with you and someone else eating?
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/b/ seems to fit all the stereotypes that people associate with 4chan. The rest of it isn't as bad, but it's just a pretty average forum/imageboard that is pretty meme crazy.

Although I wouldn't really know in much detail, since I never go there. I visited once or twice and never went back.

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There are a few boards (ck and lit) that I visit once in a while. Mostly just lurk but I've posted on ck a couple of times after I made a nice din-din. Their video game board is a complete mess. 

It's pretty much a regular website except it has a really bad reputation that is mostly undeserved. The great majority of the people there are, like OP said, normal. When people post CP or some shit, most people report it and whatnot. It's not the demon website that some people think it is.
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@ESREVER: And they're always at a diner, and there's always a fat kid involved. I think he's probably just making this shit up.
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Some of that stuff is really funny. Some of it is really gross. Some of it is really pathetic. There are many sick bastards, too. Some don't deserve to even exist. And yet it's a meme factory.

Also, I can't deny I have a begrudging respect for them after shit like finding Dusty's owner, Project Chanology, sending a shitload of cards to a random WW2 veteran because it's his birthday, or overriding that Pepsi contest so cash could go to cancer research.

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@Chavtheworld: see this shit aint funny
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@Chavtheworld: Am I missing something? Because I don't get it.
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I think it's pretty great to be honest. I never post there but i enjoy sizable part of what is going on there. Of course it's silly, and you can come across a gore pic here, and a bit of child porn there but some of things are some of the most hilarious things I've seen on the internet... but i understand that some people might not be huge on death jokes etc. All in all, i'm happy it exists.

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Hard to classify really. Some good, some bad. 

It doesn't really deserve the shit reputation it has. Not as a whole anyway.
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@HitmanAgent47 said:
" All I know is that it's a place for hostile agressives, unfunny ppl, sexual deviants and the mentally ill. Most hackers has autism, asperger syndrome which has a narrow focus, which means hacking and being socially retarded. Besides I know you go there kaos, that's why you are defending it so much. I never been there before. "
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It deserves the reputation it has because it's full of pedophiles.
And anyone who's ever said, typed or even thought anything was ever "epic win" deserves to get crunched in the face.

Yes I said crunch.
And no I did not mean punch.

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4 chan is the asshole version of 2 chan

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I unno, I lurk their quite a bit, it is great for funny pictures and you know what threads to avoid you will be ok

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"You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy."

It's an imageboard for the most part. Like all forums, it's filled with it's jerks. Stay away from the obvious trouble sections and it's not so bad.

the /rs section is useful for getting some things if you don't want to use torrents, but downloader beware.
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i lurk 4chan for the lulz

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You sure eat food at a diner with your friends a lot.

On a side-note: /b/ is amazingly shit. Any time I decide to peruse it, I get a quick dose of regret.
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4chan is where the internet goes to die. I love a good /b/ lurk every now and again but it isn't a nice place to be. That is how I see it anyway.

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I go to a few of the entertainment boards a few times a week (/mu/, /v/, /tv/). It's not really better or worse than anywhere else, to be honest. I know that I have laughed pretty hard at some things posted there and listened to music that I probably wouldn't have known about previously.

If you stay away from /b/, it's generally fine, with the occasional unsultry gore and porn posts.

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@ESREVER said: 

How come most of your threads start with you and someone else eating?

to convince us all he has friends and a social life
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I find 4chan to be a complete mess to browse. It ugly, so I stay away. Also I've heard all of the terrible things. I figure not everything needs to be thoroughly explored. *shrug*

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I know a fair bit about 4chan's different boards, the memes they've invented and some of their history, and I've lurked there quite a few times. /b/ is by far the worst of it and it's a common misconception that all of 4chan is like /b/, I've seen some perfectly civil people on boards like /r/ or /tg/, but that's not to say that the anonymity of the site doesn't cause douchebaggery across pretty much all boards, and /b/ certainly deserve the reputation they've gotten. Now and then /b/ will produce something genuinely funny, but on the whole they prove themselves to be nasty people.

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@imsh_pl said:
" Hentai.That is all. "
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It's pretty boring outside of being an image dump and a place for live discussions, like during the World Cup and such.

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I don't know and I don't want to know. 4chan is why we can't have nice things.

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If the conversations you're having with the people you hang out with have somehow got to the point where you have an abbreviation for  "child pornography", then things have gotten terribly out of hand, and you should stop talking to those people.

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It was funny, but I guess I grew up.

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There's some funny crap over there, but a lot of ponies, and penis.

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My housemate lurks there as well, and occasionally sends me some pretty funny stuff, though we both share an understanding that the majority of what happens on that website completely pretty fucked up.

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Too many memes, and I'm starting to think that you live in rural america because of the rate of fat kids you see.