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#1 Posted by SpartyOn (529 posts) -

I'm in the market for a new phone (i personally have AT&T boo I know), and I was just wondering what phones you guys have and if you like it.

#2 Edited by MrKlorox (11142 posts) -

Verizon Droid 2

#3 Posted by SLUSHiNaToR (168 posts) -

I have the original droid/ verizon. I did, however, pick out new phones for my parents this weekend and they both got the moto Electrify. Pretty nice phone. I kinda want to get an iPhone, but I think I wont be upgrading my phone for a while yet.

#4 Posted by McShank (1656 posts) -

Well, i have the Droid X and love it. There is the X 2 but i dont think a little faster processor is worth the money. I am with verizonso i dont know what AT&T has since the iphone is not an exclusive anymore.

#5 Posted by SpartyOn (529 posts) -

I have an iPhone 3G at the moment, so I'm really behind. I like the look of the new samsung galaxy s II so i'm considering buying that....unless apple comes out and announces an amazing iPhone 5.

#6 Posted by Mmmslash (2199 posts) -

LG Optimus S

It's a Gingerbread Android. It's also purple. It's a budget smartphone, coming in at like, a hundred bucks with contract. It definitely shows, lacking the hardware necessary to make it a smooth experience.

That said, I still love my phone, and having a Sprint phone lets me tether for free still.

#7 Posted by Zidd (1924 posts) -
#8 Posted by James_ex_machina (915 posts) -

Iphone 4

#9 Posted by recharge330 (86 posts) -

I've had the Motorola Atrix for a while and it's great. Pretty sure tested said it was the best AT&T android phone when it came out. It feels fast and it got updated to gingerbread so I should have it for a long time. I definitely recommend it.

#10 Posted by Mercot (85 posts) -

LG Ally, Android 2.2.2 - not great. Too little phone storage, and most of it's taken up by factory apps you can't remove. SD card feels useless as more than half of my apps can only be stored on the internal memory.

#11 Posted by MrMoses717 (12 posts) -

Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch.... that's the longest name for a phone ever lol. Any Galaxy S II phone will give the smoothest experience you can get on an android. Its definitely worth looking into!

#12 Posted by awe_stuck (820 posts) -

HTC Maple (bbm clone)

I'd recommend an android if you want a touch phone with free software. and, a blackberry if you like old school phones for texting. iphone is up to you, but i touch apple like the plague

#13 Posted by Dany (8018 posts) -

iphone 4 and love it.

#14 Posted by Enigma777 (6277 posts) -

Iphone 3Gs. I really need an upgrade! 

#15 Posted by Doctorchimp (4180 posts) -

Galaxy S...it's fucking terrible. Samsung really couldn't give a shit less about supporting it and so I got stuck juggling half-ass ROMs for it.

But if you're looking to jump ship I can't recommend Galaxy S II enough. That's the one Samsung went all out for.

#16 Posted by Teoball (731 posts) -

I got an Sony Ericsson xperia play and I really like it.

#17 Posted by DystopiaX (5495 posts) -

iphone 4 on AT&T, but I only get reception half the time IN MY GODDAMN DORM ROOM so when my contract's up I'm switching to Verizon, and an Android phone.

#18 Posted by DeShawn2ks (1098 posts) -

I have the HTC Sensation. I think its alright but I have never been a big phone guy. All I really need a phone for is to talk, txt, and take pictures of topless girls when the opportunity presents itself.

#19 Posted by iam3green (14368 posts) -

i have an old flip phone. yes, you heard me right a flip phone.

#20 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

iPhone 3GS Biatch.

#21 Posted by nickb64 (216 posts) -

Droid Incredible 2 on VZ obviously.

I'm pretty happy with it, kind of wish I went for a dual core phone, but the only one out at the time we upgraded was the Droid X2, which had a kind of shitty screen and MotoBLUR.

#22 Posted by Skald (4408 posts) -

I have a Samsung Android 2.1 phone. I'm not proud of it, but it's better than what I used to have.

#23 Posted by Kombat (2291 posts) -

iPhone 4, but probably an iPhone 5 the moment it becomes available. Seriously, planning on waiting in line.

#24 Posted by cnlmullen (910 posts) -

HTC Eris.

It's the slowest phone in the history of slow phones. I can hardly make calls on it anymore... but at least it's android.

#25 Posted by Vexxan (4627 posts) -

iPhone 4.

#26 Posted by MikkaQ (10296 posts) -

iPhone 4 and lovin' it.

#27 Posted by Contro (2346 posts) -
#28 Posted by RobotHamster (4239 posts) -

Just some phone I got for about $20 when I got the contract, I'm like one of the only people without a smart phone, doesn't really make a difference to me as long as I can call and text.

#29 Posted by BulletproofMonk (2743 posts) -

One of those old-ass Nokias. Yeah, I don't have a smartphone yet. They're not even terribly big here in Finland, but they're getting there. I should probably buy one.

#30 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5098 posts) -

I have an LG VU. I've been able to get an upgrade for quite some time now, but this phone is fucking invincible so I'm seeing how long it will last.

#31 Posted by bobafettjm (1881 posts) -

I have an AT&T Samsung Focus Windows Phone 7.

#32 Posted by AlexW00d (7175 posts) -

Nokia N97 mini and I love it. I'm really going to miss it when it comes to getting a new contract, but hell if I am staying with Orange for any longer.

Might spring for a Nokia E7, or wait and see if the guy who codes my Twitter app makes the jump to W7. Mostly I'll follow him, but hope he stays with Nokia as that is essentially what I want to do. No-one makes phones like Nokia.

#33 Posted by TekZero (2991 posts) -

Iphone 3G. It still works, so I don't see the need to upgrade.

#34 Posted by Rawrnosaurous (812 posts) -

LG Optimus S

I do so love my phone, it helps that I have T-Mobile. Best Service Provider.

#35 Posted by shadows_kill (3093 posts) -

Droid. Upgrading next march to... well I don't know...

#36 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5195 posts) -

iPhone 4, which is going to become outdated in a few hours.

#37 Posted by Redsox44 (520 posts) -

HTC Arrive on Sprint. I love it, you should at least check some WP7 phones.

#38 Posted by Guided_By_Tigers (8020 posts) -

Not an iPhone.

#39 Posted by crusader8463 (14755 posts) -

Don't own one, and have no plans to. Don't have anyone I care to talk to so urgently that I need to be able to do it at all times.

#40 Posted by YoungFrey (1363 posts) -

I have some Nokia dumb phone.  It's terrible but way cheaper than a smart phone. 
#41 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

Droid Incredible. Upgrading soon to the Bionic or whatever the newest, best droid is when my contract is up.

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#43 Posted by TEHMAXXORZ (1190 posts) -

Something... not entirely sure to be truthful... does it even exist?

#44 Posted by iBePeRFeCT (397 posts) -

I have the OG Droid but I'm thinking of getting the Droid Bionic soon. Haven't made my mind up yet.

#45 Posted by Sauson (581 posts) -

LG Shine. It's fuckin' terrible but it was cheap. Thankfully my contract is up this month and I can say fuck you to Rogers.

#46 Posted by insouciant (852 posts) -

I have an SGH-A187. It came free with a 2-year contract two years ago. It's alright. It's a standard phone.

#47 Edited by Branthog (5769 posts) -

Whatever the feature phone I got for $15 (after coupon) on Ting.com was. I'm a software engineer with fifteen years experience who makes a pretty good salary and has disposable income . . . I just don't give a shit about cell phones or smart phones. My phone takes calles, lets me get voicemails, and handles text messages -- which is already more shit than I want a phone to do.

All my calls go through Google Voice and I do 90% of my talking via that.

#48 Posted by ManU_Fan10ne (688 posts) -

I have what they call a "dumbphone," a Nokia X2, but apparently, it stopped a bullet once, so i'm fine with it.

#49 Posted by Magnum66 (4 posts) -

Iphone 5 ;))

#50 Posted by L44 (634 posts) -

Motorola RAZR HD.