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First off, I did not intend that shitty pun. Second. This may be a very broad topic, but it's been on my mind for awhile. What's the deal with 1UP. There seems to be some kind of story of 1UP's fall from grace(from what I can tell). Likethey got rid of some podcasts or something, and some people left, like Jeff Green i think it was. Anyway 's I'm sure the GB community knows about it and I would super duper appreciate it if you could help fill me in. Again, sorry for my lack of understanding here I really tried to figure out what happened on my own but i couldn't seem to find any solid info. 

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1up was going under and they were bought up by, what IGN right? Then IGN let everyone but two people go (one of whom was the illustrias Garnett Lee (one of the first people in the industry to start up podcasting) Then eventually he left the company and went to Shacknews/ Gamefly. Unfortunately 1up is just a shadow of what it once was, I haven't gone to the site in god knows when.

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1UP was going under because the were not making any profits from ad revenue, they got bought up by some company who thought they could change things and turn it around, but that didn't happen. 
Its sad, but thats how things go sometimes. Most of the good people left a while ago anyways though.

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They were bought by UGO, but EGM wasn't.  Therefore all of the EGM staff were immediately let go by Ziff Davis as the magazine wasn't doing well for them (many people would argue that was due to poor management on Ziff's side).  This led to some of the podcasts no longer continuing, yes, or a lot of new faces for the ones that trucked on.  Then from there Garnett left to go work at Shack and 1up yours in whatever incarnation it was in at the time basically died.  
At this point, the gaming public at large has kind of ceased to care about anything happening at 1up. 
Edit: Jeff Green left well before this, though.  As did Shawn Elliot, Luke Smith, Dan Hsu, Jennifer Tsao, and I believe Crispin Boyer and Sean Molloy?  Lots of people I'm probably not even remembering too.

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Well aside from the awful huge ads they've been irrelevant since the whole takeover debacle. I still watch old episodes of the 1UP Show from time to time. If you want to see those guys doing their thing you should check out CO-OP, it's made by the same video team - good insight too. All the episodes are archived at www.area5.tv (somehow the site won't let me link that).
On a sidenote, does anyone know if all the full episodes of the 1UP Show are archived somewhere? There's just bits and pieces on youtube.

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UGO (not IGN) bought 1up from Ziff Davis. EGM got shut down in the process, and the people that made 1up great were either let go or left on their own accord.


Dan Hsu & Demian Linn created bitmob.com 
James Mielke is now at Q Entertainment
The crew behind the video podcasts created area5.tv
Garnett Lee is now at shacknews.com (GameFly)
Patrick Klepek & Andrew Pfister are now at the reincarnated EGM[i] (owned by the guy who originally started EGM)
Robert Ashley created the best podcast ever called A Life Well Wasted & a band named I Come to Shanghai
Shawn Elliott is now at Irrational Games
Jeff Green is now at PopCap 
Robert Ashley + Shawn Elliott + Jeff Green + N'Gai created a monthly(?) podcast called Out of the Game 
Shane Bettenhausen is now at Ignition (the great people that brought us Deadly Premonition)
Mark MacDonald is now at 8-4
Crispin Boyer now works with both bitmob.com & 8-4
Scott Sharkey & Ray Barnholt are now freelancing
David Ellis is now at 343 Industries
Kathleen Sanders is now at Microsoft 
Luke Smith is now at Bungie (I think Luke left pre-buyout. He might have seen the writing on the wall.)
John Davison created What they Play and is now at GameSpot and Metacritic (Pre-buyout. Saw the writing on the wall.)
Meanwhile Jeremy Parish, Matt Leone, and Sam Kenedy are the only members that still remain at 1up post-purchase.
*Edited to add names @ptc & @pornstorestiffi mentioned that I forgot, and changed Ray's status per @underworld2086's correction
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1UP? what is it? who cares? that piece of shit. there are suddenly so many junky website based on podcast today. 

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I remember visiting that site like a year ago ....

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Thats right it was UGO that bought them up for some reason UGO, IGN, and Gamespot all share the same area in my head.
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@BBQBram: You can download the last six episodes of the show on itunes. This has all of the shows it's on the 1up website.
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ray was let go as far as I know.

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Fuck, this thread just reminded me of how much I miss 1UP yours, Weekend Confirmed's great but 1UP yours was just something special :(

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Basically EGM was a beloved magazine. This was before Game Informer had the credibility it now has. 1UP was the online branch which hosted a bunch of podcasts done by the editors of the magazine. 1UP Yours and GFW Radio were pioneers in game podcasting.
Their parent company Ziff Davis was bloated and in serious financial trouble. Most of the popular writers bailed before EGM was officially canceled. UGO bought the half-hearted remains. It was basically a clusterfuck of poor business decisions.

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That's the cause in a nutshell.
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I believe Games for Windows and Extremetech were also scuttled in the process as well. 

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All the really good folks at 1up left ages ago (John Davidson, Jeff Green, Luke Smith, Garnett Lee,  etc...)  The 1up show and 1up yours used to be my go to sources for gaming info.  These days, the news stories on 1up are pretty bad.  Lots of bias in them.  The quality of comments on most stories is terrible.  Lots of negativity.   I'm so glad we have giantbomb :-)

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@KZeni:  David Ellis went to 343 Industires, Kathleen Sanders to MS, Luke Smith to Bungie
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Yeah, I really liked the old 1Up podcast, probably was my go to after the Bombcast for videogame stuff. I think the GB crew actually popped in for one of the last shows.

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@underworld2086 said:

" ray was let go as far as I know. "

You're right. I've marked him down as "freelancer".  
 Thanks for the additional names. I'm surprised I forgot David Ellis. He, and everyone else you mentioned, have been added to the list.
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@EvilTwin: I thought EGM was doing really well. Aren't they still in the top 10 distributed magazines in America?  
Also, seeing people list all the people who worked at 1UP made me notice for the first time what an amazing staff they had. I didn't know a lot of those people worked there. 
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I really miss 1UP Yours. :(

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It's kinda sad because 1up was my first gaming site ever. Oh well, Giant Bomb filled that slot nicely.

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@TomA: 1Up originally (and before Giant Bomb came along) has the best lineup of podcasts related to gaming: 1Up Show both podcast and video, GFW Live, Retronauts, Sports Anomaly, etc.  Well, people slowly started to figure out something was up as major players were jumping ship for other things rather quickly, and it turns out they were being bought by UGO (who sucks ass).  Then everything turned to even worse crap on the website, such a cheap ways to get clicks, 2 or 3 page long reviews, top ten lists all the time, etc.   
1Up has never had a good website, and hell even when they were in their prime it was rather garbage.  Also, they seemed to have a love fest with NeoGaf (well, Garnett did) and seemed to talk with and respect NeoGaf users more than people in their own community...which is kind of dickish.   
 Anyway, once David Ellis and a few others were the main cats on the 1Up podcast I was done.  David Ellis is too much of an unfunny asshole (nothing personal, and I think he would admit it as well) for me to hear him constantly on a podcast.  After that I moved on to what is now Rebel FM (Which has its own problems with assholery at times) but more importantly Giant Bomb. 
1Up in its hayday truly did have the best video and podcast content on a gaming website, but the realities of the economy and print caught up with them.  Oh well, I think the smart ones moved on to Giant Bomb.
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yea 1up was my first gaming website i ever visited on the regular, and EGM was always my favorite growing up. but the thing i miss most from 1up is Broken Pixels. shit was hilarious.

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1UP was fucking good back in it's heyday. The site was shit - but their AV stuff, 1UP Yours and the 1UP Show were awesome. Luke Smith and Shane Bettenhausen bitching about MGS vs Halo was some pretty funny shit, ah well... 

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Retronauts was one of my favorite podcasts.  Losing it was a big blow.  I was never big into visiting the 1UP site, but their staff was really great.

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@HarlequinRiot said:
" @EvilTwin: I thought EGM was doing really well. Aren't they still in the top 10 distributed magazines in America?   "
EGM was shut down when UGO bought 1up. There is now a new EGM, called EGMi which is created by the original founder of EGM, but I have no idea how well it's doing.
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@MattyFTM said:
" @HarlequinRiot said:
" @EvilTwin: I thought EGM was doing really well. Aren't they still in the top 10 distributed magazines in America?   "
EGM was shut down when UGO bought 1up. There is now a new EGM, called EGMi which is created by the original founder of EGM, but I have no idea how well it's doing. "
they also do have a new print magazine EGM, separate from EGMi, i also don't know how well they doing though.
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@Nomin said:
" I believe Games for Windows and Extremetech were also scuttled in the process as well.  "
Games for Windows was stopped a good deal before the UGO buyout, most of the writers were dissolved into 1up.
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It was too bad this happened, I liked Retronauts.

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For those who miss 1Up Yours, Garnet Lee's "Weekend Confirmed" podcast on schacknews is quite good.  It's like 1up Yours minus the negativity.  He gets good guests, Shane B. even stops by sometimes.
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I really liked 1Up when they had their personality. Once UGO bought the name and a lot of people left, I lost interest, the final nail in the coffin was Garrnet Lee leaving. I don't visit them much. 

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1UP had the best gaming podcasts for a while, then they fired pretty much the core people that made that site especial. It's a shame, loved the 1up show and was glad it came back in some way when the Area 5 guys made a show for Revision3. That show is also now over leaving Garnett Lee and "Weekend Confirmed", "Irrational Behavior" with Shawn Elliott, "A Life Well Wasted" with Robert Ashley and "Out of the Game" with Jeff Green, Shawn Elliott, Robert Ashley, N'Gai Croal (not 1UP) and very rarely Luke Smith.
I find the remaining ex-1UP podcasters of excellent quality.

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I miss the brodeo

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You forgot Matt Leone,  he is original 1UP and still there too.
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@pornstorestiffi said:
" @KZeni:   You forgot Matt Leone,  he is original 1UP and still there too. "
Damn, you're right. Somehow I missed James Mielke too. Updated.
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@HarlequinRiot said:
" @EvilTwin: I thought EGM was doing really well. Aren't they still in the top 10 distributed magazines in America?    
Heeeeeeellll no.
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I use to go to that site on a daily basis. I found Giant Bomb through their forums. Thanks 1UP...

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I miss having Shane Bettenhausen in my ear drums every week :(

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@KZeni said:
" @pornstorestiffi said:
" @KZeni:   You forgot Matt Leone,  he is original 1UP and still there too. "
Damn, you're right. Somehow I missed James Mielke too. Updated. "
Man i don't know why i forgot him, man that dude was so awesome. When i look at that list of people i feel so sad.
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I'm really sad about the recent layoffs at 1up. Jade was let go effectively killing the at1up podcast. The only one worth a damn. Ray left as I said before. What the hell is Justin Haywald going to do without Ray. They need each other. There were like tango and cash or whatever. :(

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I just came across a picture of every EGM cover compiled into one image (excluding the "lost" SFIV issue that was published on 1up).
Click here for the full image  (9.7MB | .jpg | 3,305 x 2,227)

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I really liked 1UP when they still did the show. I think they are doing a similar thing now for EGM, but it's not free anymore. Hard to imagine them doing well.

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better replacements with old 1up people
Gamespy debriefing
Rebel FM
Geekbox (if you dont care about spoilers or watches every episode of some TV-shows as soon as it airs in the US)
Weekend confirmed