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One pc code up for grabs. who wants it?

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@jsnyder82: I was hoping for an Xbox code, but PC would do - If I get my code emailed, I'll be sure to pass the giving on.

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@mister_v: You are a saint! A million thank you's! If / When I get my email from EA, another duder will get to enjoy my code.

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Just got a second Titanfall PC key somehow...anybody want it?

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@consaw said:

If you want a PC code(It might work for Xbox One also) you can go to and talk to a support rep and they will add it to your account if you ask nice. You might have to wait an hour for a available rep though. It just worked for me.

this right here, tried it last night and got a key so now i have a spare tell me if this x1 key works HX49W-KK2D4-D3DD3-2HM4J-KD6RZ

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@andymacsa4: i will have it if it have not already been taking please.

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@asd124: Hell yeah, you can. Check your inbox.

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Got an Xbox One code up for grabs if anyone wants it. I got one from someone else.

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Hi, I'm interested by the key, sending you a PM

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@euandewar: Ooh! I'll take it! I even have a PC code I could give you!

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@billygoat117: If he doesnt want that pc code, can i get dibs on it?

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Does anybody have a PC key for me? No success on Facebook or else... :(

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If anybody has a PC code, that'd be awesome.

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I just got one by queueing on the Origin contact page for an hour, you guys can probably do it too- If I get a code via email as well, I'll give it to someone here.

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@optix12: Yeah, for sure, duder. Let's wait a few minutes and see if he gets back to me.

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Code for XB1:


Reply to me if you take it.

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Got it, thanks

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Okay, out of codes to give.

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I'd very much appreciate a PC or Xbone code. :D

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do anyone have a spare X1 or even a PC code?

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Duders! Starting to get desperate now. Any spare XB1 codes going? I'll post my own once/if they get delivered (I've used 4 different email addresses and haven't had any luck).

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@kylezachary: Which support page was this. I'm getting a message saying that their online support is down until sometime tomorrow. :(

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I'm after an Xbox One code if anybody has a spare

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I'll take a xbox one code if anyone has a spare. Would be nice to actually have something to play on it.

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I'd be happy to take a PC code off your hand, if you don't want it yourself! Thanks

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Hey! I'd also take a PC code if anybody is generous enough to give one. It seems that I won't be getting a code myself :(

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Guys, just ask EA Live Chat support if you're on PC. They add the beta onto your account...

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I could use a Xbox One code if anybody has one.

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Anyone have an Xbox one Code? i am looking for one for a friend of mine.

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Seems like everyone is getting codes now, I had a second wave of xbox one codes so here they are, however they are for the Mexican store. To cash them you just need to change your region for a bit, cash it, download, go back to you region. It's NP I do this all the time.

Cheers, have fun... and please if you cash it, leave a message here. Its kind of annoying to be typing used codes.

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@donpixel: I redeemed the middle one, thanks! I didn't have to change my region.

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@donpixel I redeemed the third one, thanks. I didn't even have to change my region from US.

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I'd love a PC code. :)

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Hey I just got a PC key this morning, and I already have the PC beta from yesterdays xbox one, origin key mix up that happened. So here is a PC key let me know if worked.


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@bd: Seems that it's been used already.

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xbox one code if you can spare it

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I'd love a code for Xbox One, but i doubt it will happen.

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I'd love a PC code if anyone has a spare one!

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Oh man, just thinking about an Xbox One code is LITERALLY making my head spin! Like, I should probably go to the hospital...