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How God looked down upon its people, and smited them with poor AI 3

So summer comes along and game developers forget gamers exist. Microsoft’s solution to this drought is Summer of Arcade. A yearly assortment of Xbox Live Arcade titles, giving you a reason not to venture outside.  Ubisoft’s, From Dust is one of these titles, the aim is simple; adventure across the land with your tribe, build settlements, avoid the elements, and move on. Each area is its own little sandbox - a little slice of island paradise - more than likely plagued with tsunamis, flash...

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Visually impressive but gameplaywise dissapointing 0

As a software engineer I have to give Kudos to the development team and especially to the physics-guys as the water in this game is just stunning and hauntingly beautiful. The gameplay on the other hand kinda disappointed me. Its not the core mechanics though because these are beatifully implemented. It's the variety in gameplay and the given scenarios. I kinda lost interest in the game after the first half because I had the feeling that the game started to repeat itself. That is basically all. ...

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Dusty Prospect 0

From Dust centres around the player as ‘the breath’, a god-like force of nature able to control the world around it, and has them manipulating the environment to claim a number of villages before exiting to the next area. It’s a very interesting concept and brings a type of game play to consoles that hasn’t really been done before. It’s a fun game with good level designs that, although lacking in places, ends up being a fairly decent prospect.The essential mechanic here is that you can pick up a...

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A neat twist on being God... well sort of God 0

From Dust largely remained under the radar for me. Any real previous exposure to the game was some tech demo trailers showcasing the innovative flow of the game's natural elements. I was impressed enough to remember the name so I jumped on it when it came out on XBLM.From Dust separates itself from other God games in that rather than focusing on purely influencing your people, you focus on altering the land in order for them to survive and progress.You play as 'The Breath' a god like entity summ...

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The sphere of god 0

In a day and age where every other game seems to be a FPS, it’s an absolutely pleasure to play a game that isn’t afraid to try its hand at a different kind of game. One that not only is incredibly fun to play, but also well balanced, very approachable and best of all, brilliantly different.The game is centered around a small tribe on their journey through a forgotten but seemingly familiar land. Your goal for each ‘stage’ is to help the tribe find their way to the exit, which is a monolith looki...

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A Great Time for an Aspiring God 0

From Dust is a short, beautiful game that captures the player throughout the entire experience. This might sound like the conclusion at the beginning, but it’s important to establish from the onset, regardless of its price or method of delivery. As a piece on entertainment, it excels visually, audibly, and ultimately in pure enjoyment. Well now that that’s out of the way I suppose the rest of this will sound cursory. The mechanics of the game are simple enough- the player controls “The Breath,” ...

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From Dust Would Be Beautiful If It Weren't So Darn Annoying 0

As volcanoes spread their fiery wrath across one side of the map and torrential downpours flood the river basin on the other side, the desperate villagers march unfazed towards the large totem in the center of the world. Some of them are swept away in the floods, never to be seen again. Others are too slow, and are left burning in the lava as the stronger villagers push forward, never looking back. Finally, desperate and ragged, the surviving men and women reach the totem. They build a village t...

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Great game 1

I have played this and I really enjoy it....its great for a quick sit down and chill out.  Its a bit like Populous meets the Lemmings.  Your people kind of make their own way from the places you tell them to go and you don't have a lot of control over them, but using your powers you can help them along the way.  I have not finished the game, but I have put a few hours in to it and as a result it does not look that long (single player).  It also offers challenges and a ton of background informati...

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From Dust Review 0

Developer: Ubisoft MontpellierPublisher: UbisoftHad it not already been appropriated to a specific type of game, sandbox would have been the perfect way to describe From Dust. A completely different concept to the GTA and Saints Row games, From Dust can probably be more closely compared to the Black And White games than anything else, but again there are stark contrasts between the two.The easiest way to describe from dust is that it’s almost like an interactive diorama. The game opens with a sm...

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Quick Review: From Dust 0

Gameplay - 7.5Ubisoft takes a crack at attempting to revive the “God-game” genre with it’s latest XBL release “From Dust.” In From Dust you play as a God-like figure, “The Breath,” that must assist a tribe in exploring new areas of a desolate world and populating it. As “The Breath” you are exactly that, an invisible figure that can manipulate most of the environments of the world. On screen “The Breath” is presented as a cursor, which can be moved over sand, water, and lava with the ability to ...

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