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The Futo appears in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V as an older sports coupe based heavily upon the Toyota Sprinter Trueno, which has gained cult status globally due to its popularity in drifting and racing events.

The Futo consistently spawns only in the one body-style, appearing as a coupe with fixed lights. The pop-up headlights identify it as being based on the 'Levin' AE86s; the Trueno models had pop-up headlights - only the Hakumai features these, and it lacks animations for the closing of the lights.

Grand Theft Auto IV

In GTA IV the Futo was a relatively quick car, and a frequent spawn among Liberty City's traffic. With the game's lower emphasis on car ownership than its sequel, the Futo is essentially used as disposable transport, being easily replaced and satisfactory with regards to performance.

Grand Theft Auto V

In the single player story, the Karin Futo is an extremely rare spawn. It does not appear consistently in any mission, but in online play it is a relatively common traffic spawn, making it a popular choice among players as a first car. As of Patch 1.14 it cannot be bought through any of the websites - it must be stolen and then insured for a player to have one as a Personal Vehicle.

The level of customization the Futo can be subjected to is significantly more than most other cars in the game, with various body kits being available, as well as being able to debadge the front grille or remove it entirely. With regards to performance, the Futo is outmatched by every other car in the Sports class, meaning it is never used for online races.

The Futo's one true asset, beyond the level of customization, is its handling. The Futo's handling string leaves it extremely susceptible to loss of traction, allowing players to slide around Los Santos extremely easily.

As in GTA IV, there is a rare 'GT' variant spawns in traffic. Identifying a GT model is relatively easy; the front grille will have a small badge in the lower right, and there is a rear trunk spoiler as standard. This spoiler is black, regardless of the body color of the car.

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