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Galaga '88 (Galaga '90 for the TG-16) is a graphically enhanced version of the original Galaga. It received multiple graphical updates, including the player's ship, the enemies, more elaborate backgrounds and other details. New features include the ability to "triple" the player's ship, by shooting down an enemy attempting to abduct the player's dual-ship: this is a continuation of the original game's dual-ship feature. Another new feature is the ability to hop dimensions: moving to another dimension increases the player's score, but also the difficulty. Dimensional travel is made possible by collecting blue power-ups from destroyed enemies.

Galaga '88 was originally released in the Arcades. It was later ported to the TG-16/PCE and the Game Gear in Europe and Japan. It also appears in Namco compilations, like the Galaga 30th Anniversary Collection (Mobile), Namco Museum 50th Anniversary (PS2/Xbox/GameCube/PC) and the Namco Museum Virtual Arcade (XBLA). It's also one of the Arcade games featured in Pac-Man's Arcade Party. The TurboGrafx-16 version was added to the Wii's Virtual Console in 2007.

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