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GarageGames, now re-named to Torque, are creators of the Torque Game Engine and have provided professional level cross-platform technology and tools since 2000. The Torque Game Engine was the original technology behind the Tribes franchise, and has been used since to develop games such as Marble Blast Ultra, Fallen Empire: Legions and Rokkitball.  It has also been licensed by companies such as Electronic Arts, Sony and Vivendi Universal.

Current Game Engines

Torque 3D
Torque 2D, previously TGB
iTorque 2D

Discontinued/Past Game Engines

Torque Game Engine
Torque Game Engine Advanced
iTorque 3D, previously named iTGE
Torque X


GarageGames was founded in 2000 after Sierra shutdown its subsidiary company Dynamix by four ex-employees;  Jeff Tunnell, Tim Gift, Rick Overman, and Mark Frohnmayer.  The name originated after the team of four, quite literally, worked in a garage to release the first iteration of their Torque Game Engine, a modified version of the Tribes 2 engine, in August of 2001.  Their aim was, and still is, to provide the necessary tools to anyone interested in making and publishing games without having to pay a high-end price. 
In 2007, after Barry Diller and InteractiveCorp bought a majority share of the company, GarageGames announced development of a new game platform called InstantAction.  The site went public in March of 2008 and currently hosts 8 games, a number of which were created by GarageGames themselves.

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