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General Baal is one of the primary antagonists in the first Grandia videogame. He is the leader of the Garlyle Forces, a private military force that is funded by a large corporation. Having little care for the Forces' main purpose, General Baal uses his abilities and resources as the leader of the Garlyle Forces to further his own goals. He seeks to reawaken the ancient evil known as Gaia, an all powerful being that once wiped most of an ancient civilization. General Baal seeks to reshape the world through his finding of Gaia and hopes to also achieve perfection through Gaia. 
Despite his obvious contempt for others around him, showing little care for anyone's life but his own, General Baal has a son named Mullen.(Whether or not Baal was married to his Mullen's mother is never confirmed) 
Baal's son Mullen is also a member of the Garlyle Forces, serving as a colonel and one of Baal's right-hand men. 

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