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Genevieve is the President of Armacham Technology Corporation, a company that specializes primarily in military R&D. Her decision to reopen the decomissioned Origin Facility sets off events that result in the ATC Board of Directors demanding her arrest and termination, as well as the eventual release of Project Origin's darkest secret: the powerful psychic, Alma Wade.



Aristide is not seen during the events of the game. Instead, she is heard via recorded telephone messages left behind in various Armacham offices and facilities, as well as conversations with an unnamed U.S. Senator during the game's opening and after the closing credits.

It is revealed that sometime after the shuttering of the Origin Facility, Aristide decided to send a small group of researchers back to the site to assess the possibility of renovating and starting anew. This course of action was met with fierce resistance from high ranking Armacham personnel, with the most vocal opponent being Origin's lead researcher, Harlan Wade. Aristide, undeterred, proceeded with the plan, behind the backs of the Armacham Board of Directors. All communication from the researchers ceased shortly after their arrival. Aristide then deems Origin's reopening to be a lost cause, and as a result, sends researcher Norton Mapes and an armed Armacham escort to eliminate all evidence linking Armacham with Project Origin, as well as the facility itself. Soon after, the second Origin prototype, Paxton Fettel, takes control of the Replica Soldiers, and begins his uprising. This event, as well as her failed attempt to reopen Origin, leads Genevieve to get in touch with the Senator that was privately funding Project Origin (and perhaps other Armacham projects), and inform him of the bad news. The Senator expresses concern over these events, but Aristide assures him that she can get things under control, as long as they act quickly. It's likely that Aristide and the Senator decided at this point to deploy the first Origin prototype, the Point Man, as a back up plan if the SFOD-D forces failed to eliminate Fettel.

After the destruction of the Origin Facility at the hands of the Point Man, Aristide once again contacts the Senator. She notifies him that not only is the Origin situation completely under control, but that the First Prototype was a resounding success.

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

Thirty minutes before the detonation of the Origin Facility, Aristide receives notice of the impending literal termination of her and her staff by the Armacham Board of Directors via Colonel Vanek's Black Ops squad, as a result of compromising nearly all of Armacham's activities in Fairport and inadvertently causing Alma Wade's release from the Vault. Desperate to save her own skin, and regain her position within the company, Aristide hatches a daring scheme.

She arranges (via the Senator) for the members of Dark Signal to be diverted from the main SFOD-D force, under the auspices of placing her into protective custody in exchange for testifying against Armacham. In reality, most of the members of Dark Signal were potential candidates for another Armacham black project called Harbinger, which would create psychic commanders similar to Paxton Fettel, only without the need for Alma to birth them. Of all of them, the mute Sgt. Michael Becket was the man Aristide was interested in the most. Becket and most of his squad are taken by Aristide and her staff to a secret medical facility, and Becket is given psychic abilities via surgery. He also becomes attuned to Alma's "telesthetic" signature. Aristide's plan is then set into motion. She intended to use Becket as "bait" to trap Alma inside another containment chamber located on Still Island, as well as keep her occupied so that she could eventually capture and reprogram the Point Man. Aristide would then use them as leverage against the new Armacham Board of Directors.

At the end of the game, Aristide traps both Becket and Alma inside the Still Island containment chamber, shooting (and possibly killing) Lt. Keira Stokes in the process. However, this had unforeseen consequences, as Alma sexually assaulted Becket while he was strapped into the chair, and is now pregnant with his child, the Third Prototype.


Aristide is neither seen nor heard from during the campaign. Her status and current whereabouts are unknown.

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