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The main protagonist in F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin. Becket is a Delta Force operator, and is, with the rest of his team, assigned to bring in Genevieve Aristide.

F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin

During the introductory level of the game Becket has numerous visions of Alma. He continues on with his mission to find Aristide at her penthouse, fighting through ATC Black Ops teams to rescue her. Upon entering a secret control room, which Alma had led him to, he finds Genevieve Aristide who promptly begins telling him about "Project Harbinger". Her explaination is halted when the Origin facility explodes due to the machinations of the Point Man from F.E.A.R. Becket then flees the room, following Alma, but is rendered unconscious when the shockwave from the explosion reachs the building.

When he wakes he finds himself being operated on by surgeons under the orders of Genevieve Aristide who repeatedly tells the head surgeon to continue despite several comments on how dangerous it is. During the surgery the Becket is plague by horrifying visions of creatures eating him. Later, when he again awakens, he finds he has enhanced reflexes akin to those of the Point Man. As he tries to escape the hospital Becket ATC Black Ops teams killing all the hospital staff. Later on he encounters Genevieve Aristide who leads him to a device called a "telesthetic attunement chamber" which makes him a psychic beacon for Alma. Snake Fist tells Becket that Alma "covets" him; Alma begins alternating between assisting him and attacking him.

After managing to escape the hospital, Becket is attacked repeatedly by Alma in her adult form. Upon regrouping with his squad he learns Snake Fist is in danger and heads to Wade Elementary school to save him. Once there Terry Halford, formally under the guise of Snake Fist, tells Becket of a way to destroy Alma using a "telesthetic amplifier" on Still Island. Becket and the squad head to the island, and once there, are ambushed and Becket is forcefully put into the device by Genevieve Aristide.

Becket is immediately sent into a hallucination by Alma where he must activate switches for the amplifier while fighting off an insane and horribly scarred Keegan. The trial is occasionally interrupted with implied images of Alma raping Becket, who is still physically strapped down. Upon activating all the switches and killing Keegan, Becket is brought into another hallucination of Alma's, but where she is pregnant with Becket's child. Alma then takes Becket's hand and places it on her stomach wherein a voice is heard saying "mommy".

F.E.A.R. 3

Nine months after his ordeal in Still Island, Becket is apprehended by Armacham troops and brought to the Fairport Authority Airport for extraction, believing that he holds the key to containing Alma. After hearing word of this from F.E.A.R. operative Jin-Sun Kwon, Paxton Fettel and the Point Man make it their priority to liberate Becket from the clutches of Armacham. After a heated battle, the brothers succeed in rescuing Becket. As Becket is released from his confinement, Fettel possesses him in order to learn the location of Alma. During this time, Becket's back story is revealed to the Point Man, while Becket struggles with Fettel for control of his body. In his final moments, Becket recognizes the Point Man, and urges him to stop Alma's birth before it's too late. His body corrupted by Fettel's possession, Becket then dies, violently exploding into a shower of blood.

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