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Germantown Police HQ is located near the center of the Capital Wasteland, east of Paradise Falls. Pre- Great War, Germantown was a town in Maryland. The Vault 101 Dweller may search the ruins for evidence of the town's last moments, and find various computer terminals containing 911 calls pre-dating the War.
The police headquarters themselves are now the home to a group of super mutants, who use them as a base for launching raids on the nearby human settlement of Big Town
The interior zone of the headquarters is split into three different sections: Ground Floor, Basement and Top Floor.

Quest Related

The Vault 101 Dweller can start a quest in Big Town called "Big Trouble in Big Town" in which they are tasked with rescuing two people, Red and Shorty, who have been kidnapped in the last super mutant raid and taken to Germantown Police HQ.

Notable Loot

Ground Floor: Lying, Congressional Style and a Pre-War book
Basement: Tumblers Today, a Fat Man and a Nuka-Cola Quantum
Top Floor: D.C. Journal of Internal Medicine and a holotape containing the password to a terminal on the ground floor.

Capital Wasteland: north-east of the Police HQ is a monorail train wreck. Inside is a Duck and Cover.

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