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Life in Vault 101


The Vault 101 Dweller is the protagonist of Fallout 3. The game begins with the protagonist's birth, and at the outset the player is asked to choose the dweller's gender, name, and (through the use of a gene-scanning mechanism), physical appearance as an adult. However, the dweller's mother goes into cardiac arrest moments after giving birth, leaving the father, James, to raise the baby himself.

The game then jumps forward one year, when the dweller is just a toddler. James leaves the baby in a playpen while he retrieves something from his office, but the dweller manages to open the playpen door and wanders around the room. There is a baby book on the floor entitled 'You're S.P.E.C.I.A.L.!', that, when accessed, allows the player to select the dweller's starting Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, and Luck. After the baby is finished looking at the book, James returns to the room, encouraged by his child's willingness to explore. He shows the dweller his deceased wife's (and dweller's mother's) favorite bible verse, Revelations 21:6. It reflects on how she felt about the world before she died.

The game jumps ahead another nine years to a surprise party on the dweller's tenth birthday. The vault's leader, the Overseer, presents the dweller with a Pip-Boy 3000, as is customary for all vault residents. The player is then introduced to some of the other vault residents including the dweller's friend Amata, the daughter of the overseer, and Butch, a young bully. After talking with all of the other party guests and receiving several gifts, the dweller is directed to visit James' assistant Jonas, and together James and Jonas give the dweller a repaired B.B. gun. After using the gun to shoot at some targets and a stray radroach, the dweller has a picture taken with James, and the game flashes forward again.

Happy Birthday!

Six years later, the player must take the G.O.A.T. exam, or General Occupational Aptitude Test, which all sixteen-year-olds must take, and which determines the career paths of all vault residents. On the way to take the exam the dweller encounters Butch and his friends (now members of a gang called the Tunnel Snakes) harassing Amata. The dweller can deal with this situation in different ways ranging from diplomacy to violence, but no matter the outcome, everyone will then enter the classroom to take the G.O.A.T. The player's answers during the test will determine the dweller's primary skills.

Three years later, the nineteen-year-old dweller is awoken by Amata, who delivers serious news. James has escaped the vault, and as a result the overseer has gone mad and is putting Vault 101 under a violent security lock-down. Amata urges the dweller to escape and gives him/her a pistol for defense. The dweller is directed to sneak into the overseer's office, which contains a secret passage to the vault entrance. The player is given even more freedom on how to proceed than before, but in the end, all paths lead to leaving Vault 101 on the trail of the dweller's father.

In The Wasteland

Vault 101 Dweller with his dog

After leaving the Vault, the player comes across the settlement known as Megaton, which has a large atomic bomb in the middle. After some poking around, the player comes into contact with a man named Colin Moriarty, who directs them towards the Galaxy News Radio building in the heart of Washington D.C. after they complete a short quest for him.

It's a long trek, but the Vault 101 Dweller finally arrives at Galaxy News Radio. A colorful man named Three Dog informs the player that James stopped by, but left a short while ago. However, he's not willing to give up the information to a stranger, and asks the player to venture into the Museum of Technology to retrieve a dish so it can be placed on the Washington Monument, thus restoring the signal for the radio station. The player agrees and does so, and Three Dog is pleased. He tells the dweller that James left for Rivet City.

Rivet City, a beached carrier, in all its glory

The player makes the dangerous trek all the way south to Rivet City and heads for the Science Lab. There, the dweller meets Dr. Madison Li, who worked with James. Unfortunately, he's not there, but the player is told to check the Jefferson Memorial, where Project Purity is located. The Dweller heads there but finds the place swarming with Super Mutants. He/she clears them out, and finds some audio tapes left behind. They're recordings from James. He explains that he's heading off to Vault 112 to find a man named Dr. Braun.

Vault 112's Tranquility Lane

The player eventually finds the location of Vault 112 and enters. There, they are told by a robot to take a seat in an empty pod. By doing so, they are transported to a simulation of a suburban cul-de-sac, where all the residents of the Vault are "living." Unfortunately for them, they are unaware that it's all a simulation. In the simulation the player encounters a devilish girl named Betty, who has them perform evil tasks that eventually lead to the cold blooded murder of everyone in the vault, should the player agree to her schemes. After exiting the simulation, the dweller finally reunites with James, who explains why he left the vault. Together, the two of them head back to the Science Lab in Rivet City, where they take Dr. Li and the other scientists to the Jefferson Memorial in order to get Project Purity working again. However, the Enclave soon raid the place, and James is killed trying to prevent Colonel Autumn from gaining control of the facility. The player escorts Dr. Li and the other scientists to the Citadel, where the Brotherhood of Steel have set up their base of operations.

The player learns about something called the GECK, and heads out to Vault 92 to retrieve it. While exploring the vault, they meet a friendly Super Mutant named Fawkes, who begs the player to set them free. Should the player agree to do so, Fawkes helps the dweller retrieve the GECK by venturing into the radiation filled room it's sitting in. The player starts to head out of the vault, but they are knocked to the ground by a mysterious device similar to a flashbang. The dweller is taken hostage by the Enclave and transported to Raven Rock. The player is interrogated by Colonel Autumn, but President John Henry Eden lets them free and has the player come to his office. President Eden explains his plans for America, and has the player take a cylinder filled with the F.E.V. virus to insert into the water supply, thus killing off anything in the Wasteland with a mutation of any kind.

Liberty Prime

The player makes it back to the Citadel, where an invasion of Project Purity is being planned. The Dweller agrees to help the Brotherhood, and the invasion begins. They head towards the Jefferson Memorial as their robot, named Liberty Prime, tears apart everything in its way. Eventually they arrive, and the player heads inside. Unfortunately, things go poorly, and the player learns that the purifier must be turned on immediately. The dweller then must make a crucial choice. They can opt to sacrifice their own life to turn it on, or they can choose to send Sentinel Lyons in instead. Either way, Project Purity is activated, and the Vault 101 Dweller's journey comes to an end.


Broken Steel

Liberty Prime

Two weeks later, the dweller wakes up from a coma to find Elder Lyons. He explains that after turning on the purifier, it created a blast wave that knocked the dweller and Sentinel Lyons into a coma. Sentinel Lyons was still in a coma and the dweller was given orders to go destroy a Enclave base with the help of Liberty Prime. So the Vault Dweller, a squad of Brotherhood soldiers, and Liberty Prime lead an attack on the base until missiles destroy Liberty Prime. The dweller then investigates and finds out that the Enclave have control of orbital missiles. The Brotherhood of Steel need to take out the base of operations but they will need a weapon to help infiltrate it. They tell the dweller to go to Old Olney and find an object called the Tesla coil. A scribe can provide the dweller with a device that can hack Enclave Deathclaws to turn them into allies. When the dweller reaches Old Olney he/she goes into the sewers where he fights Deathclaws before finding the coil and delivering it to the Brotherhood. They then give the dweller orders to go to the presidential tunnels and take a monorail to Adams Air Force Base, which is serving as the Enclave's base of operations. After the dweller reaches the base, the Brotherhood deliver a package to him/her; a Tesla cannon capable of destroying the base's security. After fighting through the Enclave, the dweller reaches the controls of the orbital missile system and uses them to destroy the base. The dweller is then evacuated by Lyon's pride on a helicopter, and watches the destruction of the base from the air. After returning to the Citadel, Elder Lyons promotes the dweller to sentinel and states that he considers the dweller a like his own child.

Operation Anchorage

Receiving a distress call from a couple of Brotherhood Outcasts. The vault dweller came and helped the Outcasts. They then asked for his help since the Dweller had a pip boy. In the base they had a door which couldn't be opened because they needed to complete a simulation but they needed a pip boy to help activate it. So the dweller agreed and went into the simulation but was warned that the machine was broken so if he died in the simulation he will actually die. So in the simulation he's in Anchorage Alaska during the war and his mission was to take out chinese troops and destroy big Chinese guns. After doing that He was sent into a base camp where the dweller was given a strike team to command and is commanded to destroy fuel tanks at Chimera post, go to listening post and kill all Chinese, and destroy a pulse field so they take out the Chinese base. After doing all three objectives the Dweller enters the Chinese compound and kills General Jingwei which ends the simulation. The Dweller then awakens back to the real world and opens the door which reveals an armory. You can take whatevers in there without getting bad karma. After this a heated discussion between Defender Sibley and Protector McGraw which culminates in Sibley and most of the other Outcasts starting a mutiny against McGraw and Olin. You then kill the attacking outcasts and McGraw thanks the Dweller.

The Pitt

Receiving a distress call from a man named werhner asking for help. The dweller then comes to Werhner and asks him to travel to the pitt with him to release the slaves. In order to do this the dweller goes into a slaver camp, kill the slavers, and get slave clothing so he can disguise himself. Then the dweller and werhner took a cart to Pitsburgh (the pitt) A raider slaver industrial city. Werhner tells him to find a woman named Midea. Then the dweller crosses a bridge covered in landmines and meets a pit raider who taunts you saying he too much of a wimp to cross the bridge and takes all your gear. The dweller goes into the city and meets Midea who gives him/her the backstory and needs the dweller to play along. The dwellers first job it to go to the steel yard and gather 10 steel ingots (you can get an auto axe from one of the workers). The dweller gatered them instantly and also had to fight trogs on the way. After that the Dweller was put into a gladiator match for his freedom and do meet the pitt leader Ashur. The dweller entered and won all the matches he was put against. So for winning the Dweller got all his/her stuff back and was asked to go and meet Ashur in uptown. When you get to him he tells you that there is a cure to the virus that turns people into trogs and the cure is his baby daughter. Ashur tells you to kill Werhner because he's starting a slave uprising and if he will make the dweller a lieutenant. If you side with Ashur the dweller will kill werhner and the dweller becomes the lieutenant getting ammo and a booster shot. If you side with werhner the dweller will kidnap the baby, kill Ashur and his wife, release the trogs into uptown killing the raiders, and hand the baby to Werhner as him and Midea look for a cure.

Point Lookout

Receiving a advertisement of a boat that can take the wanderer to point lookout where he/she can find treasure and stuff. When the wanderer gets to the boat a woman named Catherine asks the dweller to look for her daughter Nadine at Point Lookout if he/she gets the chance. So after a couple of days The wanderer reaches Point Lookout Maryland. The dweller then goes to the Calvert mansion and finds tribals attacking a goul in a white business suit and his two dogs. After the dweller kills the tribals the goul introduced himself as Desmond and needs the wanderers help in killing all the tribals. So after clearing the house of all the tribals, Desmond tells you to go to the tribals base of operations and find out why they're attacking him. So when the wanderer reaches the place a guard told him/her that the only way he can enter is if goes threw initiation by going to a sacred bog and do their ritual. Once the wanderer reaches the bog, he is told to go to the mother punga tree and activate the seeds. The seeds shoot out the gas which knocks out the wanderer. When the wanderer wakes up he/she goes threw a hallucination finding bobbleheads and seeing people he/she knows. After the hallucination the wanderer returns to the tribal base where they now accept him/her. The wanderer then meets Nadine who is normal (the other are crazy). Nadine informs the wanderer that he/she has a scar on his/her head meaning while going threw the hallucination Tobar (the boatsman) took a piece of the wanderer's brain. Nadine then gets rid of the scar and wants tells the wanderer that she wants to leave. Nadine gives the wanderer a key to the praying grounds of the tribal leader. When the wanderer reaches the area he/she finds out that the tribals are worshiping a holographic brain that can talk. The brain takes an interest into the wanderer because he/she is the only person that isn't crazy. So the brain tells you to find a way to break Desmond's jamming device so the brain can spread its influence. Desmond then reveals that the brain is professor Calvert who was a pre war scientist who only lives as a brain and has a rivalry with him. So Desmond orders you to plant a jamming device on a ferris wheel so the professor's influence won't reach the rest of Point Lookout. The brain tries to convince you to do the opposite (you can choose to do whatever it doesn't impact the story). After doing whichever the wanderer returns to Desmonds place only for it to explode and the wanderer finds Desmond in a bunker and says that the brain is in the lighthouse and needs the wanderer's help to kill it. The wanderer and Desmond reach the lighthouse and find a underground laboratory with security bots and turrets. After killing them you meet the brain in person (or orgin). The wanderer is then left with a choice of killing Calvert or Desmond. If you kill Desmond the brain will reward you by trying to kill you. If you kill Calvert then Desmond will unlock a vault with rewards. When the wanderer returns to the boat the wanderer kills Tobar. The wanderer leaves with Nadine back to the wasteland.

Mothership Zeta

The wanderer got a strange signal from a alien crash site. When the wanderer searched around he/she got abducted by aliens and was put in expierements and left in a prison cell. The wanderer was then woken up by a woman named Somah who is another wastelander. The wanderer and Somah escaped by staging a fight and freed another prisoner who was a girl named sally who came from the pre war times. She helps the wanderer by going into vents and unlocking doors. After fighting through aliens the wanderer found cryo tanks. When he/she unlocks them the tanks open reveiling a cowboy, a samurai (who can only speak japanese), a soldier (during the battle of Anchorage Alaska), and a dead astronaunt. The next objective is to destroy 3 generators on the ship which is in the cryo lab, hangar, and robot assembly. The wanderer can take the unfrozen people into a room with them if they want to. After destroying the generators the wanderer gets access to the upper level but can only reach it in space. So the wanderer took the astronaunts suit and went into space. In space the wanderer has to manually activate the teleporter to the upper level by activating 3 panels. After this the wanderer and the rest of the group teleport to the upper level. While going to the bridge the group sees a full view of earth and were amazed until they see a death ray shoot a part of earth. So the wanderer and group go to the bridge, disable the death ray, and killed the alien captain. After this another alien ship comes and tries to destroy the ship the wanderers on. So they turn the death ray back on and destroyed the other alien ship. The group decides to live on the ship and sends a beacon onto earth so the wanderer can return to the wasteland.

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