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The story of Ghost House is very simple: You are Mick, a nondescript boy who has inherited a fortune. The problem is that all your treasures are shattered in a haunted house. To make matters worse they are even guarded by Dracula himself. So you set out to battle Dracula and his clones to get back what is yours.


The gameplay of Ghost House is as simple as the story. In every level you have to collect keys which are dropped by enemies you defeat. With these keys you can open a coffin in which Dracula or one of his four clones is located. After you have defeated all of the Dracula clones and Dracula himself, you advance to the next round. There are six rounds in total. The background of the house is always the same, though, only the color changes.

Mick has two different ways of disposing of his enemies: He can punch them like Alex Kidd, or jump on their head like Mario. Depending on which foe you face, one of the two attacks will prove to be more viable. It can be pretty risky to punch the Fire Blower for example.


There are five different enemies in the game:

  • Derobat: Derobats are little bats which can be found in large quantities in every level. They can be killed with one blow, but they can easily fly into your face, too.
  • Death: Contrary to the Death we know, this Death is slow and easy to defeat. He only creeps around the house slowly, without being able to attack.
  • Fire Blower: The Fire Blower is a dangerous creature. Not only can he take a lot of hits, he also blows fire.
  • The Mummy: A horrible fellow who follows you around the house.
  • Dracula (and his clones): He can turn into a bat and attack you from above. Very dangerous.

Apart from these enemies you can also be attacked by flying knives and arrows which suddenly fly through the screen. Very hard to avoid.


  • Ghost House is one of only eight Master System games that were initially released on Sega Card. The other seven were: Super Tennis, Teddy Boy, Hang On, My Hero, Transbot, Spy vs. Spy and F 16 Fighting Falcon.
  • Ghost House has been voted into the 15 worst video game cover s by 1UP.

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