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A worthy rerelease 0

God of War was one of the greatest games on the PS2, garnering much praise for its cinematic style and smooth gameplay. Its sequel, God of War II, was praised in the same areas, and for pushing the PS2 to its absolute limit. The God of War Collection combines these two great games into one cheap package and promises a few graphical upgrades. The question is: Is the God of War Collection worth it? Yes, provided you haven’t played these games before. Starting up the God of War Collection on your P...

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HD, nice! 0

What's better to test out my first HD tv on my newly re-bought PS3?  That is right, a port of my favorite Playstation 2 games, God of War, and God of War 2.  In all seriousness, it's pretty sweet that these classic get to be in 1080p, even if they don't always look the best in the format.  First off, a short review of the first God of War.  Surprise, surprise, God of War I is still a very, very good game.  Though it comes to a new console with the same problems it had before, they improved upon ...

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A bargain if you haven't played the originals. 0

God of War Collection When you first assume control in the game, the first thing you will notice is that both games look great. The graphics still hold up well by today’s standards (more so for GoWII) and the frame rate, being run on the much more powerful PS3, is phenomenally smooth. The environment not only looks good but also manages to establish the sense of scale that it is trying to convey: making you feel like you truly are traversing and exploring vast different areas of an even larger w...

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Tremendous value for two PS2 classics. 0

 While playing through the God of War franchise, it's easy to forget these games really aren't that old. The original debuted late in the PS2's lifespan (2005), while God of War II came out as the shift to HD consoles was well under way (2007). So perhaps it shouldn't be so shocking that this HD re-release looks as good as it does ... but still ... it does. These are PS2 games, and seeing them in crisp 1080p, it's amazing they look as good as most current-generation releases. GoW and GoW...

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God Of War (the return) 0

ARES! The God Of War who would have thought that a mere human, with some god like abilities would be able to complete dominate him? Well Sony did, and so they made God of War, were you take the role of Kratos, a slave to the gods who promised to make his nightmares disappear. (did they you ask? can't ruin the game for you) Overall GoW one still lives up to be probably one of the better action games for the ps3, and with new shinny graphics and that beautiful 720p Resolution, ohh let the tearing ...

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