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God of war review

God of War II = Brilliant! That's it, thanks for reading.... I only jest.

It's not often that a sequel is better than it's predecessor, with the exception of the Final Fantasy games. God of War II takes you on a journey of betrayal, hate, and ultimately revenge, as the determination of Kratos takes him back to Mount Olympus.

I must say, though, that GOW II is far more difficult than the one before it. Especially towards the end. But overall it was a brilliant game with alot of memorable moments.

The controls are what you would expect from the first God of War, primarily because Cory Barlog, the games director whom have been along side David Jaffe in creating the first game, with a few minor tweaks in gameplay with climbing on the ceiling, and new abilities and weapons such as Typhons Bane which is a wind bow. So if you've played the first God of War you'll know exactly how the gameplay mechanics plays out.

As mentioned before, without giving anything away for those of you who haven't played God of War II, the story is about the betrayal of Zeus, the god of thunder, and the hate for the gods that allowed the nightmares of the past to haunt Kratos and what he's done.

I know that I'm late in the game, but I don't care. I highly recommend God War II especially now that it's $20. I can't for the next game in the GOW series.


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