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Is not as Good as its Predecessor. 0

God of War 2 is the second installment to the god of War series on Ps2. Like in the first game, you again play as Kratos as he yet again goes on an epic story of revenge against the Gods. God of War 2 directly starts off where the first game left off. Kratos slayer of Ares is now the new God of War. But Kratos is still haunted by the memories of his past and the only way he can deal with it is by fighting. So Kratos sends his Spartan army on a crusade of pillage and destruction. The Gods of Ol...

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Violence and the 2010 Olympics, part 2 0

  God of War 2 is a lot like the Olympics, if you think about it for a second and no longer. There’s a decidedly Greek undertone, you have multiple nations going to war against each other (in this case, gods vs titans), there’s an overpriced musical score to accompany it, and there’s a torch or two involved. Of course, there are differences, too. One uses torches are part of tradition while the other uses them to charcoal the living. One costs the player $60 at launch while the other costs a ci...

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More of the same--but without the issues 0

 There were small things keeping God of War from being an entirely fluid experience, and yet it was still a blast to play. God of War II effectively eliminates these issues, and -- unless you've already had your fill of Square-Square-Triangle combos -- this title is one of the best overall action experiences you'll find. God of War never prided itself on the discipline and challenge that Devil My Cry and Ninja Gaiden present. Its focus is on making sure you don't have to work incredibly hard to...

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God of War 2 is the Best Game on the PS2 0

                 God of war 2 is a very good game, being 7 years after it's console launch its as good as PS2 games get. This is a third person action adventure game set in ancient Greece. There is a lot of combat involved while throwing in some puzzles that never seem like they're in your way. Being the sequel to God of War it keeps a lot of the cool things about the original and throws in some improvements that need you to go back to the original to fully appreciate. Now you get 2 secondary we...

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God of War 2 is one of the most epic games to appear on the PS2 0

The End Begins. That’s the tag line for God of War 2, the follow up to the critically acclaimed God of War. While it may not be the end for the God of War series, it is the end for the Playstation 2. It’s fitting that the best console for the past 6 years ends it lifecycle with one of the best games to be released on it.God of War 2 picks up with Kratos as the new God of War. While he exacted his revenge upon Ares he is not content with sitting on his throne idly. So in typical Kratos fashion he...

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God of War 2 is the best possible send-off imaginable for the PS2 0

OverviewGod of War 2, simply put, is the perfect way to send off the PS2 before we begin the next-generation of gaming. It provides an excellent story coupled with easy-to-learn and fun-to-use controls all put together in a stunning cinematic experience that truly show-cases how perfect action-adventure games are made. StoryThe Story in God of War 2 immediately picks-up where the last one left off. If you don't know where the last one left off than I suggest you go find out because like the sequ...

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Probably the best Fantasy Action Adventure on the system. 0

THE GOOD: Controls are as responsive as ever; The combat system, although similar to the previous game, is still very satisfying and has some new moves and weapons that, if you learn to use them correctly, can keep it fresh enough; Greater number of different bosses than in the previous God of War, all of them fun and challenging to beat; Like in the previous game, you battle with numerous enemies, sometimes while trying to avoid or overcome some deadly obstacles and traps - providing a great...

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Bloody, Gory, Action has Never felt so Good 0

More blood, more gore, more guts, that's the difference from the original God of War and that's a good thing too. The story in God of War 2 is Kratos has been betrayed by Gods of Olympus. They are not releasing him from the torment they put him thorugh in the first game. You start off as the new God of War. Kratos is bored while he is watching his Spartan army get defeated in a war. So he decides he wants to blow s*** up. The Gods will not allow this and now they all want Kratos dead. The openi...

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David Jaffe's bald-headed, albino badass returns 0

Several years ago, David Jaffe and the gang at Sony Santa Monica set out to create a game steeped in Greek mythology that would allow players to unleash their violent fantasies by playing as a bald-headed, albino badass. That game was the highly acclaimed and popular God of War, and it broke new ground in the action-adventure genre. God of War II picks up where God of War left off and delivers a satisfying experience that exceeds its predecessor in scale, violence, art style, graphics, and leng...

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A great sequel that comes with great new features that will leave 0

In this sequel of God War 2 you once again take role as Kratos. Your main weapon is the blades of chaos that can be leveled up to have some devastating combos. Taking place in mythological time, Kratos powers are taken away because the gods have grown afraid of how strong he has become. In this sequel you try to take revenge and try to gain back the powers in order to be the God of War once again. By doing this you travel back in time using your pegasus in order to prevent this event from happen...

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Wonderfully constructed to deliver an exciting gaming experience. 0

 God of War 2 is the continuing story of Kratos. His powers of a God which he earned throughout the previous title are stripped from him, and he is now seeking vengeance. The story overall is an interesting one, but I was particularly impressed with how they handled the first chapter, in which we see Kratos fall from his position of power. It always bothers me in sequels when they never explain, or explain very poorly, how a character lost all their abilities and talents they had at the end of ...

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God of war review 0

God of War II = Brilliant! That's it, thanks for reading.... I only jest. It's not often that a sequel is better than it's predecessor, with the exception of the Final Fantasy games. God of War II takes you on a journey of betrayal, hate, and ultimately revenge, as the determination of Kratos takes him back to Mount Olympus. I must say, though, that GOW II is far more difficult than the one before it. Especially towards the end. But overall it was a brilliant game with alot of memorable moments....

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God of War II 0

The first God of War was exciting and ambitious, but flawed. Its sequel doesn't fix all of its problems, but it is still an improvement on the formula and in most ways the better game. A lot of people will always like the original more because it was new, it was fresh, and all that. But I appreciate it when a sequel builds on the predecessor, refining what makes it great and dropping what didn't work, while making sure to keep it interesting and maybe taking it to the next level. They certainly ...

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God of War is even more stylish and brutal than before. 0

God of War II is a case of style over substance, but when games have this much style, it is a little difficult to complain. Sequel to smash hit and critically well-received PS2 game God of War, Sony surprised many when they announced that the sequel would arrive for the PS2 instead of the PS3, which had already been released. But you won't miss the next (or rather current) generation when you boot up your PS2 to play God of War II.This is partially because the game pushes the PS2 to its absolute...

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The End Begins! 0

God of War 2 is the sequel to 2005 PS2 excelent adventure title God of War. Set a couple of years after the end of the original game, God of War 2 starts during the siege of the city of Rhodes, home of the wonder, the Colossus of Rhodes. Kratos sent his Spartan warriors to destroy this city, but after a while, he decided to lend them a hand. So Kratos, descended from his throne in Olympus and started destroying what was left of Rhodes. But Zeus and Athena, afraid of his ambition, tried to stopp...

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God of War II is a memorable experience from start to finish 0

God of War 2 Is the much anticipated sequel to 2005’s God of War which featured intense action, brutality to the max and over the top action. Luckily, GOW 2 manages to do the exact same thing.GOW 2 has tweaked its features a bit, the most notable of them is the ability to grapple onto various points using your blades. Other new features include new magic and weapons, but sadly the combat system hasn’t changed dramatically. The story catches up exactly where GOW left off, Kratos is the new GOW an...

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God of War II improves on the first game & delivers on all levels 0

God of War II is an incredible example of improving on the first game while not drastically altering gameplay in any major way. The main gameplay elements of visceral combat and challenging-but-not-difficult puzzle solving are just as present as before, but the fact that they feel so much better than the first game make God of War II a game for the ages. GoW II picks up from the end of the first game: you are Kratos, the ashen-white, bloodthirsty Spartan warrior who has recently deposed Olympian...

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Somebody opened a can of whoop Odysseus! 0

After having just finished God of War 2 on Spartan mode, it sounds cliché but my ultimate reaction to this action/puzzle game is just a very humble, "Wow". God of War 2 has been defined by a few as "more of the same" and "doesn't tread much new ground", but few can really deny that this is game is a jaw droppingly polished and incredibly more focused sequel to one of the GREATEST games of all time. I, for one, would mark those criticisms for God of War 2 down as a huge win in my book. The story...

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Brilliant mythological story, amazing art, and enjoyable gameplay 0

               As a sequel to one of the best action games of all time, God of War II had a lot to live up to.  The original God of War was a groundbreaking action game that combined exciting gameplay with an epic score,  that was accompanied by superb voices and music.  The graphics and art style brought God of War's version of Ancient Greece to life.  God of War II continues the first game's legacy with gameplay that remains faithful to the original, but it adds new moves that the original onl...

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God of war 2 review 0

Any game i review in a blog i wont review before beating the game atleast once. GoW2 is an amazing game. From start to finish your time playing as Kratos is pure enjoyment. This sequel trumps the original in almost every category (The only thing i felt it lacked was a better more well rounded story, This story is damn good.. but it leaves you with the whole "theyre working towards something bigger feel" that movies like the recent Pirates of the Caribbeans movie did. Just a slight point off for ...

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God of War is bigger, badder and bloodier in this sequel. 0

God of War II's story starts in the same epic vein as the closing of the previous game. At the end of God of War, Kratos, a Spartan warrior turned into a 'do-it-all' of the gods, claimed his place among them in Olympus as the new god of war. This sequel takes place soon after that, with Kratos becaming more and more bored with his constant conquest through war across all of Greece. Feeling shunned by his fellow gods, he decided to take control of the destruction himself, against the wishes of O...

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God of War II 0

The game can speak for itself, so I'll just drop a few highlights. 10. A true sequel - amazing story right where the first one leaves off. 9. Epic boss fights in both scale and skill required to win. 8. Great musical score and voice acting. 7. Almost triple the amount of button "mini-games" that end in some brutal kills - satisfaction guaranteed. 6. Sense of scale draws you into the mythological world. 5. Fast load times and easy to navigate menus. 4. The game comes with a "making of DVD"...

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