The obligatory favorite radio station poll.

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Posted by Demoskinos (13831 posts) 6 months, 23 days ago

The obligatory favorite radio station poll. (391 votes)

West Coast Classics 17%
Radio Los Santos 8%
Los Santos Rock Radio 15%
Non Stop Pop FM 16%
Lowdown FM 2%
Rebel Radio 4%
Soulwax FM 3%
Space 103.2 4%
Vinewood Boulevard Radio 4%
Channel X 4%
Blue Ark FM 1%
East Los FM 106.2 0%
Worldwide FM 2%
Radio Mirror Park 8%
FlyLo FM 5%
Blaine County Radio 5%

So GTA V cost a lot of money to make and good change a lot of that went into the EXTENSIVE soundtrack spanning 17 different radio stations along with a proper original score. Anywhoo, what stations do you listen to the most and what one is your undisputed favorite? I seem to go back and forth between Non Stop Pop FM and Radio Los Santos myself. Although if I see a fun song I like on another station like "Radio Gaga" or Stevie Wonder's Skeletons I'll change the channel as well. I also really like Cara Delevingne being the radio host for Non Stop Pop. She has an excellent voice.

#51 Posted by Capum15 (4570 posts) -

Soulwax FM is basically the only one I listen to purposefully.

#52 Posted by A_E_Martin (84 posts) -

Los Santos Rock Radio, The Lowdown and Space 103.2 are fantastic. WorldWide FM, The Blue Ark and Radio Mirror Park are great. Non Stop Pop is good when the moment is right. Chakra Attack over on West Coast Talk Radio has me in stitches every time.

Overall, I'd say the radio selection in this is second only to Vice City.

#53 Edited by Morningstar (2042 posts) -

I dislike most of the songs they have, so I often turn the radio off.

#54 Edited by Cold_Wolven (2167 posts) -

I listen to West Coast Classics quite a bit when playing as Franklin as it gives me the old San Andreas vibe.

#55 Posted by HiroKedyn (29 posts) -

If I have it on, Los Santos rock, and maybe channel x or talk radio, but mainly I'll use my tablet for music and use my own playlist.

#56 Posted by spookytapes (255 posts) -

I find myself listening to Vinewood Boulevard a lot because of Metz, Hot Snakes and Ceremony. 3 bands I actually actively like and listen to and I feel like fit the vibe of the game. Beyond that I kind of flip between the 2 rap stations, Rock, Pop, Channel X, the country station, and then occasionally hit Mirror Park or FlyLo. (I like almost all of them honestly)

#57 Edited by MikkaQ (10224 posts) -

Radio Los Santos has some great hip hop for driving around. West Coast Classics is also great, but points lost for being a little too obvious with the choices on there.

Besides that, Non Stop Pop and Space get played a bunch. Also there are a good number of tracks on the East Los radio station that are awesome, especially Autos, Moda Y Rock and Roll and Maldito.

#58 Posted by Ares42 (2442 posts) -

@canteu said:

Non Stop Pop. Because I'm English and grew up in the 90's.

I hate all of that music, but I love it.

Couldn't have said it better (except for the English part). Surprised it's one of the more popular choices though.

#59 Posted by DonChipotle (2655 posts) -

Worldwide FM

Ya'll don't even know.

#60 Posted by fetchfox (1158 posts) -

Los Santos Rock Radio and Non Stop Pop. Sometimes West Coast Classics with Franklin, I love me som Tupac.

#61 Edited by Liquidus (939 posts) -

Well, Los Santos Rock is the only one with Queen on it so that makes my choice easy. Honestly, though the soundtrack in this game isn't that amazing so I like to role play each character, I'll listen to Los Santos Rock when playing as Michael, Channel X/Blaine Country Radio for Trevor and West Coast Classics/Radio Los Santos for Franklin.

#62 Posted by spraynardtatum (2116 posts) -

I'm surprised at how many people dislike the music in this game.

I like Channel X, Rebel Radio, Blaine County, and WCTR the most. I pretty much just flip through everything though.

#63 Posted by SamStrife (1280 posts) -

@canteu said:

Non Stop Pop. Because I'm English and grew up in the 90's.

I hate all of that music, but I love it.


#64 Edited by ClaritySam (594 posts) -

Sad to see the Lowdown not getting much love, it's easily the best station in my opinion.

#65 Posted by joetom (88 posts) -

I feel like my teenaged self would hate the soundtrack, I mostly listened to the classic rock station in IV (which is still fucking great) but the classic station in this one is mostly soft rock. It fits the setting well, but I rarely listen to it.

Most played is Radio Los Santos, really like the modern rap they've got in this game. Other than that, Non Stop Pop is surprisingly good, and the DJ is great. Radio Mirror Park has some great music, and West Coast Classic is of course fantastic.

Blue Ark also scores some points, if not for the music, I don't really dig reggae, but for having the funniest DJ. If you haven't heard it, it's some Rastafarian guy who is completely incomprehensible, and it's really funny.

#66 Posted by megalowho (935 posts) -

Space 103.2, Non Stop Pop, Radio Mirror Park, Lowdown FM and West Coast Classics are my favorites, with Space at the top. Love that Boogie Funk, only wish there was more of it.

A little let down by the talk radio in GTA V, feels like it loops pretty quickly and gets old too fast. JB Smoove is hilarious on it, though.

#67 Posted by RubberBabyBuggyBumpers (690 posts) -

west coast classics and that one station where that guy is yelling most of the time, talking about UFOs, spaceships, and doing stuff like having sex with your uncle.

#68 Edited by MonkeyKing1969 (2256 posts) -

I hate to say it but this is the first GTA game where I was bored with the radio as soon as I listened for a few hours. I just turn it off now, I'm sure the did a competent job, but it just bores me. (Also, what is up with teh TV? There are two stations? Am I missing something?)

#69 Posted by cwJoe (178 posts) -

Non Stop Pop for sure. Driving down a highway at 100MPH with the sunset in the background and All Saints Pure Shores starts playing... fantastic.

That aside though, I'm generally disappointed in the radio overall compared to previous games. I've never been a rap or hip-hop guy, and the selection of decent rock songs is somewhat lacking, I feel.

#70 Posted by uniform (1830 posts) -

There's maybe 7-8 songs I don't mind listening to across all stations. Naturally I gravitate more towards the music I grew up with (80s Pop, 90s Rap), but I find even those offerings are kind of mediocre. The idea is to compile recognizable hits across different genres of music. They've compiled an impressive catalog of hit music across the series, so maybe they're just running out of hits/singles.

I find myself listening to the talk radio, but it doesn't take very long for you to start hearing the same bits repeat when you're focused on one or two stations.

#71 Edited by SecondPersonShooter (580 posts) -

It's crazy to see that so many people think the radio is bad.

Clearly you've never driven a drunk couple up to the altruist cult while Bob Seger's "Night Moves" played.

Also there are three tracks with Kendrick Lamar on them compared to the one track that SR4 had, which was the track that had been far overplayed by the actual, real life radio anyways.

Overall I'd have to say that my favorite station was FlyLo, but I'm a fan of damn near all of them.

#72 Edited by Lysergica33 (477 posts) -

I voted West Coast Classics purely because on a conceptual level, nothing beats cruising around in a bright pink Lamborghini rip-off as a black dude in a suit with an afro and aviator sunglasses. Musically though, it'd probably Blue Ark. Favourite host is easily Bootsy though, by a landslide.

Really difficult question though. I appreciate all of the stations for a variety of reasons. Even the music I don't enjoy on a musical level feels like it has a place in the game's universe. Whenever I play as Trevor I'm listening to the punk station, even though I'd never listen to that kind of stuff outside of the game since it just really doesn't feel appropriate for that character to be driving around listening to Lee Perry.

#73 Posted by e30bmw (355 posts) -

Also I'd like to mention that I've gotten Party All The Time stuck in my head about 5 times since this game came out. Not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing haha.

#74 Edited by Stonyman65 (2404 posts) -

The radio really kinda sucked I think. The Chatasphere segment on WCTR was good, as was Ron's segment on Blaine County Radio was good too but other than that I thought it was really dumb and kinda bad.

Lets put it this way - West Coast Classics is the "best" station in the game and I don't even like rap.

All in all I was extremely disappointed in the radio this game. Same as I was in GTAIV too.

#75 Posted by bigjeffrey (4153 posts) -

The Danny McBride show is the best thing on the entire Radio catalog.

#76 Posted by benpicko (1923 posts) -

@cyrus_saren said:

Los Santos Rock Radio but, honestly, I was kind of disappointed with all of the tracks they have on the radio.

Same here. That is my only gripe with this otherwise amazing game. There is a severe lack of Metal in this game.

There's just the right amount of metal in the game.

There's zero, right?

#77 Edited by TheHT (10255 posts) -

I don't have the game, but Soulwax FM gets my preemptive vote purely for this hot jam:

Unfortunately, I preemptively voted for Worldwide FM thinking that was the station that had it. The lesson being something about preemptiveness, I'm sure.

#79 Posted by Lord_Xp (599 posts) -

I listen to Radio Los Santos because im a thug in real life n I keep it g with my yee-yee ass haircut. But I also love listening to the Talk Radio Station. Its fucking hilarious when I'm using a cab

#80 Edited by AlexW00d (6058 posts) -

Seemingly I'm the only Giant Bomb user who prefers the dub station. This doesn't really surprise me.

#81 Posted by D0tti (786 posts) -

I would vote for West Coast Classics, but I've heard those songs a million times seeing how I grew up on 90s hip-hop so i'm kinda sick off them now and barely listen to them in GTA5. So I voted for Space 103.2 because off some really great gems, for example D-Train - You're the only one for me and Rick James - Give it to me baby. Non Stop Pop FM and Radio Los Santos are really great aswell.

#82 Posted by jerseyscum (852 posts) -

@theht: Note to self: Listen to Soulwax more often.

Channel X: Fucking Keith Morris as the DJ! How cool is that?

Blane County Radio grew on me. Listening to Ron's deranged paranoid rantings and the Totally Not Paula Dean host of "Bless Your Heart" had me laughing my ass off.

#83 Posted by mosespippy (3728 posts) -

I've been rotating between Vinewood Boulevard, Non Stop Pop and Radio Mirror Park. I'm not big on the soundtrack as a whole.

#84 Posted by LackingSaint (1691 posts) -

@canteu said:

Non Stop Pop. Because I'm English and grew up in the 90's.

I hate all of that music, but I love it.

This is exactly me.

#85 Posted by Ryanmgraef (190 posts) -

This is rubber duck.

#86 Posted by djou (828 posts) -

I guess I listen to FlyLo, but more than anything I shut the radio off when I get into cars. I wish "no radio" were an option since one of my favorites things is to listen to podcast, audiobooks, or NPR when I play open world games.

#87 Posted by Coafi (1433 posts) -

The reggae station. I actually don't mind any of them, but the ones that I like the most are Vinewood Boulevard and West Coast Classics.

#88 Posted by FlipperDesert (2069 posts) -

@canteu said:

Non Stop Pop. Because I'm English and grew up in the 90's.

I hate all of that music, but I love it.

All Saints - Pure Shores always makes me remember that 'Best of 1999' CD I used to listen to in my parents car as a kid.

#89 Posted by GreggD (4440 posts) -

@cyrus_saren said:

Los Santos Rock Radio but, honestly, I was kind of disappointed with all of the tracks they have on the radio.

Precisely this.

Where's the fucking metal, Rockstar?

I'm glad they finally included a proper punk station. You metalheads have had your day, let us enjoy our music for a change. On that note, though, I'm kind of disappointed in the lack of Dead Kennedys.

#90 Posted by Thwip (21 posts) -

West Coast Classics for the most part. After I got tired of it though I ended up bouncing back and forth between Worldwide and FlyLo FM.

#91 Posted by rabidracoon (5 posts) -

Blaine County Radio - But only because it has Kenny Powers!

#92 Posted by chocolaterhinovampire (1287 posts) -

Keith Morris does a fantastic job on Channel X...also, Bootsy Collins on the funk station is amazing

#93 Edited by fisher81 (535 posts) -

@mooseymcman said:

I don't really like any of the stations, but I think Vinewood is the one that I listen to the most. Channel X is all right.

I wish that, for GTA VI, they would put in a proper hard rock station. I know they've had hardcore stations, and Channel X has some sort of heavy stuff, but damn it, I want some grunge and good rock music in a GTA game!

This. All of it.

That Moonwalker song on VBR is god awful, though. I change the station every time that and Doo Wah Diddy or whatever comes on.

#94 Posted by scorch62 (103 posts) -

I voted Radio Music Park, but I also listen to Vinewood, Radio Los Santos, FlyLo, Non-Stop Pop, and West Coast Classics.

#95 Edited by TurboMan (6940 posts) -

No Poll needed. Rebel Rock is where it's at if you're anywhere out in the country.

#96 Posted by Coafi (1433 posts) -

You know what... after playing a ton of hours I realized that I love Rebel Rock (country station). I actually hate country music, but the selection here is perfect for cruising around in the game.

#97 Edited by skelington_ (292 posts) -

Vinewood Boulevard Radio. I was so thrilled when three bands I adored came on one after the other when I was about 3hrs in and just starting to get accustomed to the stations. Thee Oh Sees, METZ and Wavves. Made me really happy.

#98 Posted by Kazzenn (114 posts) -

FlyLo because it's FlyLo.

#99 Edited by ShaggE (5973 posts) -

I don't even have GTAV (buying it tomorrow), but I can say now that Non Stop Pop is my favorite, just because I crack up thinking that All Saints is probably getting the most play that they've had since 1999, and it's because of a goddamn GTA game.

(waits for somebody to tell me that they're still extremely popular in the UK, like when I made a similar joke about Robbie Williams some time ago)

Edit: I take it back, apparently they cut Morcheeba, Sneaker Pimps, and Moloko from the soundtrack. Booo!

#100 Posted by Skyrider (287 posts) -

I've been all about Non Stop Pop FM thus far, but recently I've been taken by the majesty that is Space 103.2.

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