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A solid entry in the Guitar Hero franchise.

Let me ask you a question:  Do you love Guitar Hero, and do you love Aerosmith?  If you said yes, congratulations! You can enjoy Guitar Hero:  Aerosmith!

I, for one, love both of those so this seems a natural fit for my tastes.  And what a solid, safe game it is.  This entry features over 40 songs and about 25 Aerosmith master tracks.  The tracks themselves are all solid but there are a few omissions that are very unwelcome.  There is no "Cryin'", "Dude (Looks Like A Lady)", or "Eat The Rich."  These songs should be in it, but there a few deep cuts that are present that are very welcome.  "Mama Kin" and "Make It" are both excellent and slightly unknown.  Overall, you'll have few qualms about the track list.

The animations of the band are very impressive, and Steven Tyler seems like a perfect fit for a videogame avatar.  There are also videos that precede each of the venues you play at that will be awesome tidbits for any Aerosmith maniac, like me.  Furthermore, most of the guitars that are available for purchase are all from Joe Perry's personal collection, which is a cool addition.  

Once again, if you love both Guitar Hero and Aerosmith than you will love Guitar Hero:  Aerosmith.  This band-centric Guitar Hero entry is surely more a matter of personal taste on whether you will buy it or not.  At the very least, give it a rental.  Only a few bands could warrant their own videogame, and Aerosmith is definitely one.
Posted by lowestformofwit

Don't you feel it is a little on the expensive side for what it is?

All they have done is re-skin GH3 and demanded full price for a game with half the songs.  I do think this is an interesting way to take things with the GH series but they're being too greedy about it and the gamers will respond by renting rather than buying.

It's quite telling that the gamerscore is easy to get on this overpriced title... does anyone agree?

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