dimsey's Guitar Hero: Aerosmith (Xbox 360) review

Same Old Song and Dance


  • Neat Aerosmith design on the Guitar Controller.
  • Theres some nice, classic tunes to be played.
  • Video of the band recalling past shows and experiences is good for Aerosmith fans.


  • Theres some tunes that I personally feel ought to be in there that are missing.
  • The games short.
  • It's easier in comparison to previous Guitar Heroes.
  • Like them though I do, I know Aerosmith is not every ones first choice for a Guitar Hero game based on a single band.

I finished it not all too long after my entry yesterday, I think.
And my opinion hasn't really changed.

It's Guitar Hero.
If you don't know the gist, you've been living under a rock.
Of course the big selling point here is that it features songs from Aerosmith.
I personally am quite fond of the band but I know it's not every ones first choice for a game based around one band.

While a good chunk of their hits are in there, there are some that I feel ought be there that aren't.

Janie's Got A Gun.
I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing.
Wayne's World theme. Maybe.

Just a few I'd have liked to have seen that were missing.

While theres a sizable chunk of Aerosmith goodness it's not really enough to fill out a game, making you wish all the more that more songs were added.
You'll be done with it in a few hours, unless you're the completionist who just has to unlock everything and complete every difficulty.

Unfortunately for the game, I'm not that guy.

Speaking of difficulty, it isn't difficult at all in comparison to past Guitar Hero's.
Skilled players wont be taxed much I shouldn't think.
As much as I enjoy Guitar Hero I know I'm not that great at it and even I managed to five star most of the songs and get quite a few 100% completions along the way.

If you like Aerosmith or just want more songs to play for a bit give it a rent.
If you like Aerosmith, broke a previous Guitar and need a replacement as I did - buy it!
I like the Aerosmith design.

Otherwise, well there isn't a lot to be had.

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