gamez_hunter99's Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s (PlayStation 2) review

A good guitar hero game but a little over-priced.

The gameplay in guitar hero encore: Rocks the 80s is very similar to the other guitar heroes. The game modes are career, quick play, multiplayer what are co-op where someone plays lead and the other plays bass as all the songs are bass songs and the last multi-player mode is pro face off and in that mode you and another player plays the same song on the difficulty and both have the same amount of notes. The last mode is training what includes tutorials what hasn’t changed since the first game and the other mode is practice what was first included in guitar hero 2 and it hasn’t changed since guitar hero 2. The difficulties of the songs are nicely balanced and fun to play. Overall the gameplay in guitar hero encore: Rocks the 80s is great like the other guitar heroes and fun to play.

The graphics in guitar hero encore: Rocks the 80s is very similar but everything has a neon tint on it (e.g. the areas). There are new outfits for the characters what are 80’s themed and they look nice. The guitars and skins are the same from guitar hero 2 so they still look ok. Overall the graphics in guitar hero encore: Rock the 80s looks nice and goes well with the 80’s theme of the game.

The sound in guitar hero encore: Rocks the 80s is ok. The song list is good but could have been better with some better songs but the song list is ok. They have got some good songs in the song list like seventeen by winger, electric eye by Judas priest and wrathchild by iron maiden. Overall the sound in guitar hero encore: Rocks the 80s is good but could have been a little bit better.

The value for guitar hero: Rocks the 80s is not very good, your paying full price for only 30 songs and most of the features you get in guitar hero 2. Overall the value for this game is not very good.

Overall experience
Overall if you are a die-hard guitar hero fan and want to play all the songs then you should buy this game but the game is a little pricey for only 30 songs.


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