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Please Don't Be the Guy Who Shouts "Freebird" 0

Guitar Hero is another rhythm-based game brought to us by Harmonix, who you probably don't remember made Frequency and Amplitude.  This time Harmonix has teamed up with Red Octane to create an even more memorable music experience.  Red Octane is most well known for their high-quality Dance Dance Revolution pads and they have applied their excellent craftsmanship to the guitar controller used in Guitar Hero.  For those who already love the rhythm genre (DDR, StepMania, Donkey Konga, BeatMani...

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Guitar Hero 0

I don't usually play games that I perceive as having no point, sports games, racing games, and music games. But I tried Guitar Hero and decided to pick it up, because unlike DDR and its ilk, I find it fun as hell. In most rhythm games, you're just timing button presses (or footsteps) to some music and getting points. I don't find it very compelling. But in Guitar Hero, you're not playing along, you're actually creating the music yourself. If you mess up a part, you don't just lose points and get...

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Great whether you're into guitars, rhythm games, or rocking out. 0

Rhythm games by their very definition are dull and repetitive, thankfully every so often one breaks down the stereotypical barriers set by poor titles that have gone before it; Guitar Hero is one of those games. Harmonix have made some questionable games in the past but it seems with Red Octane and their impressive SG guitar controller on board they’re ready to finally make a name for themselves.The controller is essentially a plastic guitar with five buttons running up its neck, each one colour...

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A Casual game that addictive and fun 0

guitar hero is resemblent  to konamis guitar freaks but with one exception i like guitar hero. You may ask why is  guitar hero so good well first off this is probably one of the only games that makes you feel like a rock star with its nerdy but extremely fun controller guitar hero is probably the only game that immerses players in such a way. Guitar hero has a basic premise, you know that rock song you said would be cool on the guitar well you wanna play that song with no guitar skills then pick...

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For Those Who Brought Us Rock (We Salute You) 1

Gamers familiar with Konami's Bemani series of games knows that there's so much more beyond Dance Dance Revolution. The company has produced a number of addictive rhythm games, some having players dancing to a manic beat, others by having them hammer on plastic instruments. The most popular of the latter variety is Guitar Freaks, which has a player wear a guitar strapped to his or her torso, pressing three buttons on the neck one hand while hammering on a paddle where the other hand would be wai...

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Guitar Hero Review 0

Guitar Hero is not only the best Rythm game ever, but it is one of the greatest games period. It simply is a masterpiece.Now while you can play with a dualshock, it is ment to be played with the Mini-Gibson SG guitar. It has five colored buttons on it. One green, one red, one yellow, one blue, and one orange. On Easy, you only use the green, red, and yellow buttons. On Medium, you use the green, red, yellow, and blue buttons. On Hard and Expert, you use all of them. As the colored note scrolls d...

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"Just like the pied piper, who led rats through the streets..." 0

When I first saw Guitar Hero on the PS2 in late '05, I was intrigued. When at last the time came for me to own a PlayStation 2 Guitar Hero was the first thing I thought of. When I finally found it and popped it into my system, I could not have been more satisfied, because Guitar Hero is an awesome game and a blast to play. To be frank, this game rocks. I've played other rhythm games before (long ago), but GH's custom-shaped controller makes all the difference in the world. If you’ve never seen t...

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And in the beginning, there was rock... 0

Guitar Hero is now another piece of pop culture.  But how did it become so popular?  How did so many people get convinced that it was cool to use fake, plastic instruments to play through covers of popular rock songs?  Well, you can thank this game.  Sure, Guitar Freaks came out before Guitar Hero, but this is the reason that "Guitar Hero" is close to a house-hold name.If you have played Dance Dance Revolution (another popular rhythm game), you may be surprised at how much attention was put into...

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As We Wind on Down The Road..... 0

  You would think that playing musical instruments is an inert talent that someone can posess. Hell, the last instrument I played was my 8th grade big band trumpet, which I still have and break out from time to time for a quick bugle call. Of course, this is a far cry from most's people instruments of choice, the guitar, either acoustic or electric. Until now. Guitar Hero comes from a long list of rhythm games, that span from greats like Amplitude and duds like DDR country Mix,...

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