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Taito's Gun Buster was an early first-person shooter released to arcades in 1992. Following Wolfenstein 3D by only a few months, Gun Buster is remarkable for exhibiting features of the FPS genre before they were made popular by games such as Doom and Quake.

Gun Buster's graphics engine (similar to both the Super Scaler and ray casting engines) was also more advanced than what was possible in computer FPS games until the move to 3D polygon graphics.


Gun Buster featured on-foot gameplay and a unique control scheme that was a precursor to most modern FPS control schemes. The player character moves and strafes using an eight-direction joystick, while taking aim (and rotating left and right) using a mounted positional gun (a hybrid between a light gun and analog joystick). The controls work in a similar manner to modern FPS control schemes, including WASD movement & mouse aiming on the PC, the twin-stick controls on consoles, and the analog stick movement & motion control aiming on the Wii.

Gun Buster was also unique in allowing two-player co-op for the mission mode, and also featured deathmatch and team deathmatch modes for up to four players, via linked arcade machines, predating the networked deathmatch modes of Doom. Gun Buster also introduced maneuvers such as strafing and circle-strafing several years before they would become popular in the FPS genre.

Arcade hardware specifications

The technical specifications of the game's custom 32-bit Taito arcade hardware:

  • Main CPU: Motorola 68EC020 (based on 32-bit Motorola 68020) @ 16 MHz
  • Sound CPU: Motorola 68000 (16-bit) @ 16 MHz
  • Stereo PCM sound chips:
    • Ensoniq ES5510 DSP sound chip
    • Ensoniq ES5505 (32-channel) @ 15.24 MHz
  • OSC: 40 MHz, 16 MHz, 30.48 MHz
  • Custom GPU graphics chips:
    • Taito TC0480SCP tilemap chip
    • Taito TC0570SPC object chip
    • Taito TC0260DAR pallette controller
  • Other custom chips: Taito TC0510NIO input/output chip, Taito TC0470LIN
  • Enhanced sprite-scaling system: Based on Taito Z arcade board
  • Graphics engine: Similar to Super Scaler and ray casting engines.

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