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How the West was Gun... Sorry, I had to do it. 0

I find it kind of odd that the "Wild West" hasn't been used for the backdrop of too many games, especially in recent years. You'd think that with the countless Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Urban, and World War II titles flooding the market (especially WW2) that more developers would've looked to the old cowboys & indians formula for their action games. I mean, that whole cops & robbers theme has done quite well for Grand Theft Auto and its subsequent clone army. Think about it, the American West sho...

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Strong Western Action 0

I thought that Gun was a very well thought out game. This is a third person action based in the late 1800's. It has some nice little RPG elements in the game as well. Your character is Colton White. He starts off avenging his father's death early on in the game. This leads him across the country per say to get to the bottom of it. The game is quite short. It is only about 4 hours if you don't do any of the side quests. The side quests are where you earn money for upgrades and improved stats in S...

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Showing it s age, but a fun game none the less 0

 A fairly average game by 2010 standards, but I imagine it was well done in 2005. The gameplay overall is fairly fun and straight forward. While it is a quasi-sandbox game is suffers from the problem of an empty overworld.  A few scattered towns here and there in the world are moderately interesting (and small by today's standards), but the world in between these towns is desolate, even for a desert.  While the missions are fairly engaging in short bursts, the overall story isn't as you do not ...

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GUN! 0

gun the game is a winner in my book, in fact tits the second BEST wild western title in my category, it use to be my 1st best western game until red dead redemtion came out and put a gun on GUN's head and endead its reign of years on top on my list of my best wild west game, but about the game it really is a solid game. i would recomend this to anyone. 4stars!...

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Exellent game wasn't expecting that much fun. 0

Game play: I went to microplay and I saw this game for sale I wasn't sure if I should buy it and I did. First time that I played it I thought that this would be a hard long boring game that really does not offer that much on the gameplay. After three minutes of the game I could not stop playing it because you can ride a horse use tactics against your enemies use quick draw that helps you eliminate three enemies without loosing allot of health. Some people might disagree with my review because th...

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A Must Have For Any Collection 0

Gun released in 2005, around the time that everyone worth their salt was scrambling to put together a Grand Theft Auto style game in another setting, a trend that arguably still exists to this day. Gun puts you in the world of the Old West, during the time of outlaws, Indians, gold, Manifest Destiny, and expansion. You play as Colton White, all around do-gooder, who finds himself in the all too familiar position of tracking down the man responsible for killing his father.As you hunt down the wic...

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A quality western game 0

Gun is a good game with a lot of potential. Some good ideas were presented and it makes me want a revamped sequel. The graphics are not as good as they could be for the 360. They seem to only be a port. The music is so great that you will often just find yourself just riding to the music as you would see in an old west movie. The story line is okay. The side missions don't really tie into the story and the leveling up is okay, but not completely necessary. The Shops work great as upgrading your ...

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Decent game, somewhat short 0

Gun was a decent game but it was somewhat short.  I completed the entire game in just 1 session of about 6-7 hours.  That said, there was a fairly broad range of environments and missions, though the story was linear.  The quests were varied and generally fun, but a few required several retries due to difficulty or poor control.  The story was one of the weaker aspects of the game, but it did a good job immersing the player in the look and feel of the wild west.  Replay value was almost nil and ...

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