sup909's GUN (Xbox 360) review

Showing it s age, but a fun game none the less

 A fairly average game by 2010 standards, but I imagine it was well done in 2005. The gameplay overall is fairly fun and straight forward. While it is a quasi-sandbox game is suffers from the problem of an empty overworld.  A few scattered towns here and there in the world are moderately interesting (and small by today's standards), but the world in between these towns is desolate, even for a desert. 

While the missions are fairly engaging in short bursts, the overall story isn't as you do not know what the motivation of the antagonist really is. Your main enemy is incredibly brutal and the game portrays that rather well, but the motivation for this brutality doesn't quite match up with the end game goal.    
The game also suffers from one of the problems that personally drives me nuts as a videogame player and that is objectives that don't explain themselves to the player. Running around for 20 minutes trying to figure out what to do is not fun for the player or worthwhile to gameplay. Just tell me how to beat the enemy and make the process the challenging part. Not the discovery.     
Overall I think the world could be expanded nicely in a sequel that fully takes advantage of the current generation hardware. 

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