what will HL2 Ep.3 come bundled with or will it be stand alone?

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#1 Posted by CRiTE (47 posts) -

Im hopin for portal 2  but it may be to early.
Mabey buy left for dead and ep.3 in a pack for 70$....that would be sweet.

#2 Posted by Artie (856 posts) -

Duke Nukem Forever, Huxley and Portal 2.

#3 Posted by TheIneffableBob (254 posts) -

It will be standalone.

#4 Posted by Hamz (6899 posts) -

Well i think L4D will be out in 2008 and there has been no real information, trailers or screenshots of Episode 3 as of yet. So heres to hoping we get some info with L4D. And as for a Portal 2 being released with Episode 3 i could see it happening as Portal itself wasn't a long game so shouldn't take too long to create a second if its similar to the first.

#5 Edited by CRiTE (47 posts) -

Artie said:

"Duke Nukem Forever, Huxley and Portal 2.

I hope huxly actually happens. Its the only mmo ive ever seen that i would pay for.

#6 Posted by stephengotlost (714 posts) -

The good news is that Huxley will be free off ijji but will probably include microtransactions for many items and weapons; the same thing they do for Gunz or Soldier Front.

#7 Posted by DARKIDO07 (926 posts) -

Its should be bundled with Counter-Strike 2. *drools*

#8 Posted by Bazz (21 posts) -

Most probably it will come stand alone, or bundled with portal 2. THey may also need to produce a sku for people who hadnt played half life before.

#9 Posted by TurboMan (8129 posts) -

I'm sure Valve has something up there sleeve

#10 Posted by Txheat (147 posts) -

Valve is very smart even if people don't like the game i am sure i will come with anthor game in time.

#11 Posted by Vinchenzo (6466 posts) -

Who cares, I just want to know when EP3 is coming out! I love you Valve. :O

#12 Posted by Leon31 (136 posts) -

I can see Ep.3 coming bundled with Portal 2. They haven't released much on either and it would sell well. Who knows, Valve has something in the works that we will know about hopefully by the end of the year.

#13 Posted by Nobility (299 posts) -

I've been hearing rumours of a upgraded Counter-Strike to use better use of multi core processors.  That and Portal 2 would create the next orange box with rave reviews.

#14 Posted by Frostbyte (49 posts) -

I'm guessing it will be packaged with everything from the Orange Box plus the Portal 2 content.

#15 Posted by VACkillers (1167 posts) -

yeah im guessing it'll either be a stand alone product... almost a game by itself rather then another expansion, its the conclusion, it HAS to go out with a bang! portal 2 is the obvious choice i think.  But i can see another orange box type package a few months after release which will include the entire half life 2 series. Might get some "the making of" videos and extra developer video stuff and things like that.... perhaps some kind of suevenier of some kind, like a miniture freeman, or alex, something of that nature

#16 Posted by Vafthrutnir (142 posts) -

Portal 2 if anything, the rest is an unknown.

#17 Edited by Sushbag (336 posts) -
DARKIDO07 said:
"Its should be bundled with Counter-Strike 2. *drools*"

Yes, it should be. Valve has ignored Counter-Strike for quite long enough.
#18 Posted by nickystixx (200 posts) -

it should be called Orange Box 2 and come with Counter strike 2, portal 2, and half life 2, episode 1, episode 2, and episode 3. there you have it!

#19 Posted by NoSwear (39 posts) -
Sushbag said:
"DARKIDO07 said:
"Its should be bundled with Counter-Strike 2. *drools*"

Yes, it should be. Valve has ignored Counter-Strike for quite long enough."
Right. Source isn't a real sequel, Valve!
#20 Edited by Foil_Charizard (350 posts) -

The only reason The Orange Box exists is because all three of those new games happened to be finishing around the same time, I doubt that Ep 3 will be packaged in a new Orange Box type deal unless it happens to be finishing around the same time as a few other games.

#21 Posted by OGCartman (4330 posts) -
DARKIDO07 said:
"Its should be bundled with Counter-Strike 2. *drools*

Im not sure, some more awesome games.
#22 Posted by xplodedd (1379 posts) -

right now its a standalone but hey, we don't really know... as they didn't really announce a lot about it.

#23 Posted by TullyAckland (263 posts) -

with the amount of time the valve HL2 team takes with developing and shipping games, im sure if it ships with anything else at all it hasnt been announced yet. Maybe a new CS?
L4D is released nov this year so thats out of the picture.

#24 Posted by pause422 (6237 posts) -

lol I think Huxley and Duke Nukem Forever are in the same boat,I really don't think they'll ever happen. Valve apparently hasn't said shit about HL2-episode 3 yet though,and you know them and release dates not being very accurate,so i'd imagine they won't ever announced much and it'll just happen withing end of 08- summer -09 I would think.

#25 Posted by deliveryboy15 (6 posts) -

Ep 3 will likely be stand alone like ep 1 before the orange box and ep 2 this spring

#26 Posted by Tovan (653 posts) -

Valve seems to really enjoy bundling things, so I'm sure they have something to throw in there.

#27 Posted by Leewow (134 posts) -

It Might Be HL2 Ep3 + Left 4 Dead or TF2 + Portal 2

#28 Posted by Abunai (151 posts) -

Valve have always said they didn't count CS:S as a sequel, so one would think that they are making one.
But valve really have a boner about TF2, so I don't know if they would release 2 high status multiplayer games so soon of which both would take away from TF2 (L4D and supposed CS2 - assuming Ep3 bundle is out next year)

#29 Posted by Shade (121 posts) -

I have a feeling it will be standalone first, and then later bundled with other games.

#30 Posted by AndrewGaspar (2559 posts) -

Since Valve thinks you don't own enough copies of Half Life 2 already, they'll bundle it with Half-Life 2 as well as Counter Strike, because we all know you haven't gotten a copy of that yet. =P

#31 Posted by CRiTE (47 posts) -

Alot of love for CS in here. I never liked it much,but im really picky. I hope ep3 gives major closure. i want the next full game in the series to be a whole new animal. If anyone can do it valve can. (can anyone say portal gun and gravity gun gameplay AT THE SAME TIME)

#32 Posted by Little_Pauly (20 posts) -

Portal 2 and something multiplayer possibly Left 4 Dead.
I doubt Counter Strike 2 because they already have CS:S on the source engine.

#33 Posted by OGCartman (4330 posts) -

Hmm, TF2 n Portal2 =P
It will be called: ORANGE BOX 2

#34 Posted by Gunner612 (4390 posts) -

Valve is smart, the game will come bundled with other games like portal 2 and whatnot. multiple smaller games > one huge game for the same price.

#35 Posted by xruntime (1980 posts) -

I think it'll probably be the longest episode and it will be standalone.

#36 Posted by velt (76 posts) -

Probably is going to be stand alone, but something tells me that this time Valve is going to ship a longer game... maybe this, beign the showdown for half ife 3 (the half life episodes are half life 3), they wanted to make it big.
Of couse we will se a product with everything packed in it in the future.

Of course that Valve takes its time and for the quality we get in the final product I sometimes wish that the other companies were like Valve and Blizzard, not rushing unfinished products and developing good ideas. But sometimes I hate them for taking so long. For the moment we are looking forward for left4dead, and thats it, they will unveil something from here to the end of the year.

#37 Posted by nevereathim (18 posts) -

Honestly I think counter strike 2 makes the most sense, I doubt its gonna be with portal 2

#38 Posted by ComradeKritstov (697 posts) -
Foil_Charizard said:
"The only reason The Orange Box exists is because all three of those new games happened to be finishing around the same time, I doubt that Ep 3 will be packaged in a new Orange Box type deal unless it happens to be finishing around the same time as a few other games.
Agreed, I'm guessing it will either be something we don't see coming, or be standalone. Can't wait for it though!
#39 Posted by Wafe (61 posts) -

Portal 2, counter strike 2

#40 Posted by ShadowSkill11 (1879 posts) -

Episode 2 will come packed with the love,tears, and sweat of 150 nerds.

#41 Edited by Met2609 (635 posts) -

On the PC it will be a standalone for sure. On the consoles, I don't know....

Oh yeah... HL2: Episode Three Forum, maybe? Because there is one.

#42 Posted by unclejohnny79 (689 posts) -

I think it will be available on steam standalone but released in a package as well

#43 Posted by TheGTAvaccine (2916 posts) -
Shade said:
"I have a feeling it will be standalone first, and then later bundled with other games.

#44 Posted by BryanGuitarDude (51 posts) -

Good Thing about Steam though is that whatever its packed with, If all you want is Ep 3 then you can just buy it alone.

#45 Posted by MacGyver (290 posts) -
portlal 2 should be stand alone. so should counter strike. maybe they will just pack on half life 2 Ep. 1 and Ep.2 and call it.
#46 Posted by Termite (2428 posts) -

Yeah it could be, I doubt it though. Maybe sometime after it's release it will be bundled in as a free bonus just like HL2 and Ep1 were in Orange Box

#47 Posted by Josef_Nastra (103 posts) -

It will probably come standalone first and then be bundled later.

#48 Posted by pause422 (6237 posts) -

It'll be stand alone at first,because if you've followed valve since half life 2,you know its an amazing company, but they're release date times are far from ever accurate. I doubt they would purposely wait to release it until another Portal or something else was done. I'd imagine it'll be for download on steam stand alone sometime in 09.

#49 Posted by Champy (568 posts) -

i wish it was like halflife episode 3, portal 2, pvk3omgomgomgg

#50 Posted by calf_exercises (880 posts) -

i think it will come with portal 2 and perhaps a new online multiplayer game that hasnt been unveiled yet. i really dont know. but no mater what I am sure Valve will deliver

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