Firefight Gamertags

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So there is no  matchmaking in ODST. So people throw in your gamertags and accepts some friends requests to make life a little easier for the release. 
Note: Send messages to each other as well please  

GT: PHANTOM 45           <------space between M and 45

#2 Posted by zyn (2765 posts) -

Yo, add me when you feel lonely :D
GT: zyn xero

#3 Posted by ZoomyRamen (255 posts) -

No Matchmaking? Whut? Well its ZoomyRamen. With the capitals an all.

#4 Posted by MachoFantastico (5585 posts) -

Looking to get into Halo multiplayer a little more and firefight looks fun. Not the worlds greatest Halo player though but capable. 
GT: SaitenMar.

#5 Posted by osuzoo08 (96 posts) -
looking for people to have fun playing firefight add my gamertag 
#6 Posted by Mr_Bauer (430 posts) -

Took the day off Tuesday so I shall be playing Firefight and the campaign all day. And I am not the greatest Halo player either, but I have my moments every now and again,
GT: Buckling

#7 Posted by s0mah (115 posts) -

No matchmaking is like, wtf?
GT: s0mah  <- that's a zero because I used to be completely k-rad.

#8 Posted by Delta_Ass (3807 posts) -

I hope this isn't awkward.
GT: DeltaAssault1

#9 Posted by Expletive (1101 posts) -


#10 Posted by Raulito (46 posts) -

#11 Posted by R3Qui4M (493 posts) -

GT: L3th4L T4rg3T

#12 Posted by gungrave45 (147 posts) -

if you want to play firefight with me when it comes out my gt is: gungrave45

#13 Posted by Captain_Felafel (1695 posts) -

GT: Th3 Penman

#14 Posted by Bigrhyno (509 posts) -

Gamertag: Bigrhyno2

#15 Posted by jkz (4084 posts) -


#16 Posted by ShaneDev (1702 posts) -

Add me if you dare 
GT: Tartarus 14

#17 Posted by MistaSparkle (2283 posts) -

I wanna play too! 
GT: ScoliosisKid
#18 Posted by Kbm600 (466 posts) -

Add me! Kbm600

#19 Posted by ProjektGill (774 posts) -

 GT: Berserk Strike   
I will be on during the weekend due to me living without a console on campus.    

#20 Posted by krystians (427 posts) -

I like Halo 3, I always play as well as possible. Please add my gamertag = pltks

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Add me GT : UnweariedTRUE1

#22 Posted by Ishoturface (430 posts) -

 PLZ add me if you want to play firefight online: GT: Ishoturfacew
#23 Posted by MachoFantastico (5585 posts) -

Hey folks, 
Just wanted to inform some of you that I've sent an whole bunch of friends requests for GT's stated on here. Felt I better mention it before folks wonder who the hell I am. Seems rude. 
Gamertag is: SaitenMar 
Sent friends requests to most of you for Firefight. 

#24 Posted by SuperMalo (3 posts) -

Add me

#25 Posted by Jack_Daniels (1600 posts) -

Me too, all my friends are COD lovers so Im fucked.
GT: TTUStudent

#26 Posted by CitizenKane (10754 posts) -


#27 Posted by TethysOssian (38 posts) -

I need to get a good group together to truly experience firefight.
Gt: Burndtscorcho

#28 Posted by Steve_Ramirez (1452 posts) -

Weekends are probably my best times.  
 Yeah, I'm sending friend requests later tonight. 
GT:  PHANTOM  45        (incase your too lazy to scroll...)  

#29 Posted by hubba_chubba (14 posts) -

gt: hubba chubba 

#30 Posted by Michaeltraps (9 posts) -

gt: ultimax2786 
nights and weekends work
don't want to be left out of the Firefight party... unfortunately most of my friends are passing on ODST.......

#31 Posted by Weesh (59 posts) -

GT: WeeshLoL

#32 Posted by ADDTasty (114 posts) -


#33 Posted by natetodamax (19421 posts) -

Why are there two of these threads?

#34 Posted by Iireku (185 posts) -

Also not sure why there are 2 threads, but just to be safe, I'll post in both.
GT: Iireku Teichou

#35 Posted by DoctorPayne (45 posts) -

GT: Doctor Payne13 
Let's put out some fire... fights.

#36 Posted by mclakers (132 posts) -

just picked up the game at my local 7/11, hit me up *****mc740ilgamer

#37 Posted by CenturionCajun (1573 posts) -

Gamertag is CenturionCajun.

#38 Posted by Time_Lord (792 posts) -

GT Bartiemus

#39 Posted by Minorthreat364 (3 posts) -

Gamertag be this ---> Minorthreat364
#40 Posted by guerrajr (62 posts) -

Go ahead and add me I'm always up for playing GT: huner87

#41 Posted by ImperiousRix (3095 posts) -

 Since I'm pretty much adding it to all other threads... 
GT: Imperious Rix

#42 Posted by i69edUrGpa (596 posts) -

According to your picture you enjoy do I my friend :)

#43 Posted by Thirdbeat (19 posts) -

Gamer Tag:  Thirdbeat 
add me

#44 Posted by ssjdragonslayer (78 posts) -

GT:    sTzArsenalNinja

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