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Better than Halo 3, but the bar moved on years ago. 
+ you can run! you can fly!
+ rudimentary  class options in some multiplayer game modes 
+ Single player is interesting( from what I have seen)
= You can make you player look purty,  
= voting system.... ok so I had it in the pluses,until I realised that I had played two maps 15 times and some maps never because every douchbag voted for them each time. There is something to be said for actually playing on the VERY few maps that they have in this game lets not poison the waters please? 
- driving still broken, vehicles must be filled with helium of Reach is another super low gravity planet
- Slow pace but twitch shooting = may the best connection, not the best player, win. 
- MP community is very heavily tilted towards racists and children under 13, I play a lot of multiplayer games but I have never had to reach for the mute key so many times in a game. Whilst there is an element of this in every game they tend to congregate around some game modes( in MW2 it's the softcore team deathmatch or the free for all)  leaving hardcore for the most part filled with adults.
- So lets get this straight. technology went backwards between reach and Halo one? The covenant said "hey we used all those good weapons and troops on reach, lets send in the B team to the Halo installation." Hmmm I get it they want new things but really.  
- Cheap acting, with no emotional pay off, I won't spoil any of it but I really just felt no connection to the lives and deaths of anyone in this game.
- Cheap AI. seriously you're not going to move when I shoot you just because I am too far away to activate your AI routine? 
- Cheap death, on heroic and above some of the corridors you pass through are just too tight and when you have to fight a guy who has a fuel rod it's just pot luck if you'll get in the blast radius or not.

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