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HP fans will be let down by this boring and repetitive game. 0

Order of the Phoenix has brought back the free roam elements that were missing from Goblet of Fire and now lets you roam around Hogwarts, which is fully re-created to include every room and corridor that you have seen in the film. That's all very well, but when the gameplay is mind-numbingly boring and repetitive, it makes you wonder why they bothered.You control all of the game as Harry (excluding the few minutes you play as Fred and George, Sirius and Dumbledore) and Ron and Hermione are just ...

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Avada Kedavra! 0

It is important for me to note beforehand that for some bizarre reason GiantBomb continues to reset my score to a three star rating. My intended rating is a single star and a half! Sorry for the confusion.Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is… over. Or at least, it might as well be.You see, you get to experience most everything the game has to offer within its initial thirty minutes; by the time you're settled in at Hogwarts and have begun the endless sea of fetch-quests. Past that, it's ...

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Great Hogwarts. Warty Game. 0

HP OotP has all the right elements to be a great game but is let down by a lack of imagination. Pros: Hogwarts is fantastic; licenced music; voiced by some of the cast; cool analog stick spell casting Cons: Dull quests; excessive treking; limited shortcuts; weak story integration The opening 10 minutes of HP OotP contains all the good and bad things in the game. Your introduction to Hogwarts is breathtaking and the analog stick spell casting makes immediate sense. However, unless you've seen the...

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good but could be better 1

i think that this game is good but could be better. I like how you can explore around the castle, but they could make it so that you can play Quidditch in the game like in previous games. I think they should add more sidequests since there are only two or three there should be a major increase in sidequests...

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Does this compelling new addition still have the magic & charm? 0

It’s once in a blue moon when movie to game’s actually end up being worth a play through. There have been a diverse amount of these attempts and only a select few have been worth a play through. But can EA pull it together and team up with Warner Brothers to put this game on the map? Well read on to find out what exactly make’s this game tick. This seller hit the shelves on 29th June 2007. A mere week before its counterpart movie hit the box-office. It was one of the most anticipated movies of ...

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Doesn't do the license justice... 1

I really wanted to like this game; I did. Despite reading rather sub-par reviews, I decided to land $50 on this game and I felt disappointed with my purchase. This will appeal to Potter fans (like me), but not really anyone else. On the positive side, Hogwarts is rendered beautifully, even for the Wii, and it is all explorable. Unfortunately, this is why the game fails as well. The NPCs task you to run around the whole school dozens of time throughout the course of the game finding stupid items ...

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