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Default Female & Male Hawke

Hawke is the player-controlled protagonist of Bioware's Dragon Age II. The player determines Hawke's gender, appearance, and class, but unlike in Dragon Age: Origins, the player is limited to creating a human character. Also unlike the previous game, there are no selectable origins. The male Hawke's default first name is Garrett and the female Hawke's default first name is Marian.

Hawke is a surviving refugee from Lothering, a village that was destroyed in the early hours of Dragon Age: Origins. After the events at Lothering, Hawke and his family flee north, leaving Ferelden and the darkspawn behind. Their destination is Kirkwall, one of a collection of city-states collectively referred to as the Free Marches. Over the course of the game, Hawke rises in power and earns the title Champion of Kirkwall.

Unlike the Warden of Dragon Age: Origins, Hawke is fully voiced. The male version of Hawke is voiced by Nicholas Boulton and the female version is voiced by Jo Wyatt.

Dragon Age: Legends

If a player has purchased Dragon Age II and linked it to their BioWare Social Network account they can by checking for promo packs in Dragon Age: Legends unlock Hawke and a few other goodies for use in the facebook game.

Dragon Age: Legends version of Hawke has him as a warrior wearing the champion armor from Dragon Age II with the sword staff.



  • Malcolm Hawke - Apostate mage, father of Hawke.
  • Leandra Amell - Kirkwall Noble, mother of Hawke.


Extended Family

  • Daylen/Solona Amell (Human Magi Origin) - Ferelden Grey Warden, distant relative of Hawke.
  • Gamlen Amell - Brother of Leandra Amell and Hawke's uncle.

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