Rare Image of Kamiya-San

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Japanese videogame site Hachimaki have unearthed a very rare image of Bayonetta's producer Hideki Kamiya, with hair!. 

Kamiya Now 

Kamiya Then
But when is then exactly?. I know he was bald during development of Okami and Viewtiful Joe, so the natural question I ask is, was he also during Resident Evil 2 or Devil May Cry?   
On another note, check out Ninja duder Tomonobu Itagaki's old look, and Yakuza 4 director Toshihiro Nagoshi's. They both looked rather dull in comparison to how they look now: 

Itagaki Then 

Itagaki Now 


Nagoshi Then 

Nagoshi Now 

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Itagaki looks like a bad mother, the others look like they just went on a big bro out and raided A&F.

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  Haha, shows how the money goes to your head I guess?  They look nerdy back in the day but like they're trying too hard now.  Probably a happy medium in there.
But than again maybe this isn't a big deal there, I never have understood Japanese fashion.

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Nagoshi lost weight or got swapped by aliens.

#5 Posted by OmegaPirate (5522 posts) -

Take off the hair 

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Holy crap Kamiya-san looks so funny with hair. XD I think he looks rather attractive with a shaved head, I guess he's going to keep that look from now on. I also think Itagaki looks better with longer hair.

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I can see Kamiya getting drunk in a bar after a bad day and punching somebody.

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They look like a Japanese Status Quo.

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He looks younger now...

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These are the epic mid-life crises of gaming.

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Itagaki looks like he would kick my ass for no good reason. Like, if were to brush up against his shoulder by accident he would just go Oldboy on me.
Also, Nagoshi looks like he's high.

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Hahaha. Very cool find duder!

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Making Video games makes you look Badass!!

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None can match the original!

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Kamiya is the fucking man.

Don't let the second picture fool you though, it's just the angle that makes him look kinda nerdy. There's a picture of him even younger in a biker jacket next to his mother where he looks like the same man he is today. Kamiya has always been a bad-ass. You don't become the greatest game developer; you're born that way.

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@jkuc316: dear god thank you for unearthing this gem

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@Duffyside said:

There's a picture of him even younger in a biker jacket next to his mother where he looks like the same man he is today.

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Video games do funny things to the Japanese. 
Hint: it makes them a little crazy. 

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@Icemael said:

@Duffyside said:

There's a picture of him even younger in a biker jacket next to his mother where he looks like the same man he is today.

The woman then exploded into a magical wonder of hair and was transformed into Bayonetta simply from touching the man known as Kamiya.

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Lol, Linkyshinks.

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Goddammit! Didn't notice this was a necropost.

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@jkuc316: No problem, I was just browsing through pages and found this

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