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Ryuhei is a large imposing man. He is a guitarist for a band that regularly performs at the 'Geisya' music club in Okinawa.

Early life

Tom used to take care of Ryuhei when they were younger. Ryuhei looks up to Tom as a big brother. Later, Ryuhei started mixing with bad crowd. He dealt drugs and was eventually sent to juvenile detention. After leaving, he swore to go clean and focused on music.

Chapter 2: Road to Ruin?

On Sarina's path, Shikanosuke discovered Ryuhei's shack on the island where they were having a barbecue party. Ryuhei then showed up and explained that the shack belonged to him. He explained that he disliked Japanese rock music and idolized Chuck Berry because he dealt with the issues of the minority race.

When Shikanosuke pointed out the safe in his shack, Ryuhei attempted to avoid the topic. Shikanosuke became suspicious and alerted Tom. Tom suspected that Ryuhei have been dealing drugs again and confronted him. Tom quickly overpowered Ryuhei and he surrendered his safe for inspection. The safe contained music CDs of Chuck Berry and Harajuku Kiss, a band that consisted of 15 year old girls that performed in attractive outfits.

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