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Here lies one of the first games I've purchased for quite some time that wasn't at least partially based on metacritic score. I went out and blindly picked it up, due to it being co-op and role playing/dungeon crawler. It was a hybrid I've been dying to see, and the fact it sported both elements, I had to get it. Now, where I think this game fails is in it's overall marketing. It's not a great Gears of War type game. It's not really like gauntlet. Hell, it's not even like diablo. It's not really like much except for it bares a striking resemblence to one of my all time favorite games in the past few years..... Demons Souls. Now how could this be? Well, for two reasons. 1. It's more physics based in it's fighting, in that if an enemy has a shield you either have to figure out how to get behind it, or how to strike at the very moment the enemy is open. I love this sort of fighting. Call me crazy, but I do. 2. It's scary, and the set pieces are quite dark. Demons Souls was set in dungeon like hell. This is hell. I love the moodiness, and the occasional enemy peeking his head out of darkness to slash your face.
So yes, reviewers are hating this game. Maybe due to it's false promises of being the best Co-Op out there.... and I could agree. But I am quite surprised by the overall review score from critics. They say the graphics are bad, which is wrong. They are dated, but not bad. They say it's broken technically, which is true occasionally, but I can't count how many time Fallout broke, and for some reason that was ok. They have even mentioned that the combat is boring, which is completely wrong. It's a step up from games such as fable, and for sure more compelling than games like Gauntlet, Diablo, and many other dungeon crawlers. At least the characters equipment levels up, and you can use more than one button to fight. 
This one perplexes me. It's a great new IP, and though it's slightly flawed, it sure doesn't ruin the experience. I can only say great things about the game. It's left me hooked from beginning to end, and I'm a huge RPG and crawler fan. So I leave with this. Either believe the reviewers who have spent 2 hours giving this game a chance or try it yourself and find out over the 10 or so hours that it's for sure a contender for best new IP thus far this year...

Posted by Astiaks

Awesome review sir. May God/The Devil bless you!

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