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Impossible Creatures is a Microsoft Game Studios and Relic Entertainment  real-time strategy game which allows the player to combine and fight different types of animals in a single-player campaign (where the player must "collect" DNA samples from each creature) or through a multiplayer mode, where the player can play against the computer or other players with his mutated creations. The game, released in 2003 with later game add-ons, boasted 76 different varieties of animals to mix-match, allowing for at total of 127,392 combinations of unique creatures.


The story takes place in 1937, the year after the devastating depression, the world is in chaos and so the world turns to Dr. Erik Chanikov.  Dr. Chanikov has spent the last thirty years on a small chain of islands in the South Pacific, developing a secretive technology known as Sigma.  The end goal of Sigma is to eradicate inherent genetic flaws that cause illnesses, deterioration, and weaknesses (e.g. aging, diseases, etc.).  He has been using Sigma Technology on animals and has discovered that he can combine any two animals, creating vastly strange creatures that retain the dominant strengths of both animals and yet inherit neither of the two animals weaknesses.
 Rex, staring at a strange creature.
Unfortunately there are those who would wish to use this technology for evil.  A wealthy American industrial philanthropist and friend of Dr. Chanikov, Upton Julius, is the sole financial and emotional supporter of Dr. Chanikov and Sigma Technology.  Seeing what Sigma is capable of, Upton no longer looks to better humanity, but has become slightly disturbed and power hungry.
 Upton has secretly been collecting henchmen and minions alike to take over the world; Whitey Hooten, the brutish whaler, Velika La Pette, the sinister ornithologist, and Dr. Otis Ganglion, the deranged veterinarian.  Because of Dr. Chanikov's obsession with his work, he did not see his friend's agenda change. 
Although Dr. Chanikov is blind to Upton's agenda, Dr. Chanikov's assistant, Dr. Lucy Willing, suspects Upton is up to something.  Not attaining the proof she needs, she secretly builds a mobile laboratory capable of providing adequate measures for them to preform their experiments.  If worst comes to worst, both Dr. Willing and Dr. Chanikov will have a safe place to hide.  In the mean time she patiently waits for Upton to slip up. 

The player takes control of Rex Chance, a freelancer war correspondent / adventurer who is "down on his luck".  He gets a call and finds himself in the middle of a brewing war between good and evil. 


RTS at it's core, gathering and base building.  Whether its collecting coal or energy to build and create various buildings, creatures, and henchmen, stockpiling to build an armada seems to be the right decision.  Fights take place against either the computer or other players via the internet. In the single-player campaign, the player takes control of Rex Chance, fighting through 15 different levels.


There are many interesting rehashes on familiar buildings and structures which are expected from an RTS
| Building Title |Description
The Lab (base)
Is required for players to construct other buildings and conduct research.  Destruction of this building results in an instant loss for the player.
Electrical Generator
Is a powerhouse of... power, it is the most efficient way of collecting power, producing three points per in-game second and can be upgraded.  Although there is no cap on how many can be built, the structure must be placed on top of a geothermal geyser.
Research Clinic
Opens up options to research enhancements (e.g. increasing health and other stats of building and units) or unlocking addition actions for units (e.g. giving henchmen the ability to heal wounded units).
Water Chamber (shipyard)
Is required for players to construct units that can swim. If destroyed, amphibious units cannot be created, however any existing units are not affected.
Air Chamber  (airfield)
Is required for construction of units that can fly.  If destroyed, flying units can no longer be created, however any existing units are not affected.
Creature Chamber (armory)
Is required for construction of land dwelling creatures.  If destroyed, walking units can no longer be created, however any existing units are not affected.
Is a place to store collected coal. It is best placed near a coal resource to reduce gathering time.
Genetic Amplifier
Allows the modifying of creatures stats (e.g. hit-points, speed, armor, etc.).
Landing Pad
Necessary for producing and maintaining the gyro-copter.  It can be used to build and repair structures, collect coal, remove FOW, tag enemies, and transport henchmen and creatures.  It requires one henchman to fly it, and the unit cap for the gyro-copter is set to a maximum of one.
Lightning Rod
Liken to power generators as they collect electricity, exactly two points per second.  Building cap is set to a maximum of four lightning rod structures.
Sound Beam Tower
Is a slow rotating automated turret sporting a sonic attack.  It is only effective against creatures, henchmen are not affected.  Does most damage against land units.
Anti-Air Tower
Is a defense against flying units.  It also acts as radar, detecting all enemy units and structures, regardless of abilities or upgrades, for a short period of time; there is also a long cool-down period for this automated action.
Bramble Fence
Is a land defense effective against both men and creatures alike, so long as they stick to the ground. Digging creatures cannot pass underneath due to its deep roots.  A baby Bramble fence will keep enemies out, however once fully grown, it will damage any attacker (so long as they do not have the "barrier destroy" ability).


A list of animals available to combine in the game.


Ant | Gorilla | Polar Bear | Archerfish | Great White Shark | Porcupine | Armadillo | Grizzly Bear | Praying Mantis | Baboon 
Hammerhead Shark | Ram | Bat | Hippopotamus | Rat | Bull | Hornet | Rhinoceros | Camel | Hyena 
Killer Whale | Skunk | Scorpion | Chameleon | Cheetah | Komodo Dragon | Snapping Turtle | Chimpanzee | Lemming | Snowy Owl 
Coyote | Lioness | Sperm Whale | Crocodile | Lobster | Spitting Cobra | Dragonfly | Mountain | Lion | Tiger | Eagle 
Musk Ox | Vulture | Electric Eel | Panther  | Wolf | Elephant | Piranha  | Wolverine | Giraffe | Poison Frog | Zebra  


Warthog | Horse | Garfish | Moose | Dolphin | Kangaroo | Raven | Woolly Mammoth | Rattlesnake | Walrus 

Insect Invasion

Anaconda | Condor | Shield Bug | Behemoth | Firefly | Tarantula | Black Widow Spider | Garden Spider | Termite | Bombardier Beetle
Giant Anteater | Walking Stick | Cockroach | Hercules Beetle | Wasp

Expansion Packs

The game has two expansion packs are available for free on Microsoft's webpage, combined they add about 25 new animals for use in-game.  

System Requirements

  • Microsoft® Windows® 98/Me/XP/2000
  • PC with 500 MHz equivalent or higher processor
  • 128 MB of system RAM
  • 1.5 GB available hard disk space
  • Quad speed or faster CD-ROM drive
  • 16 MB video card required
  • Sound card, speakers or headphones required for audio
  • Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
  • A DirectX 8.0-compatible sound card with speakers or headphones
  • A 4x CD-ROM drive

The following hardware is optional, but recommended for multiplayer gameplay: 
  •  56 Kbps modem for online/multiplayer; LAN or broadband to run a server for multiplayer games


Kathleen Barr as Dr. Lucy Welling and Velika LePette
David Kaye as Upton Julius
Lee Tockar as Rex Chance, Dr. Eric Chanikov, Whitey Hooten, and Dr. Otis Ganglion
Sam Vincent as Various voices
Assistant Producer: Jennifer Hawke
Producer: John Johnson
Musical score: Crispin Hands

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