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Inspector Gadget Racing is an Inspector Gadget-themed racing game on the Game Boy Advance, published by LSP in Europe, where it released in 2003. No American or Japanese releases occured. The game itself takes the form of a racing game in Mode 7-like semi-3D, similar to Super Mario Kart. Players take a small selection of characters, including Penny, Chief Quimby as well as two of Dr. Claw's henchmen, into racing tournaments through differrent settings. If all the game's three tournaments are beaten, the character unlocks either Inspector Gadget's or Dr Claw's car, depending on the alignment of the racer used to win. In races, the player can, also much like Super Mario Kart, employ powerups such as oil spills or auto-seeking rockets. Every car has its own specific powerup: Inspector Gadget's car gets free occasional speed boosts, with Dr. Claw's getting homing missiles at the same intervals. Because of the game's save system and the way to unlock the two aforementioned boss cars, there is no way to have both Inspector Gadget and Dr. Claw unlocked simultaneously.

Races take place either on the ground, underwater or in the sky, and players' cars change for the setting. Gameplay also changes slightly between the locations: players have to avoid obstacles by flying high or low in the sky, while having to jump over obnstacles such as giant oysters in underwater stages. On-land stages are more traditional with jumps and roads to drive on.

The game did not feature a save system and instead relied on passwords for players to keep their data. There was a local multiplayer mode for competitive play on unlocked stages.

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