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Super Mario Kart is a racing video game, developed by Nintendo EAD and published by Nintendo for the SNES. It was the first game of the Mario Kart franchise. It was launched in Japan on August 27 1992, in North America on September 1 1992 and in Europe on January 21 1993. It was also released for the Virtual Console in Japan on June 9 2009, North America on November 23 2009, and in Europe on April 2 2010.

In Super Mario Kart the player chooses one of eight characters from the Mario franchise. Each has different capabilities unique to them. During races players can pick up power ups to help them win the race.


In Super Mario Kart the player is tasked to take control of one of the characters and finish before anyone else. The racers race in a go-kart. The player's viewpoint during the race is behind his/her's go-kart.

Game Modes

The very first race is about to begin. And... GO!

Super Mario Kart is split into two singleplayer modes (Mario Kart GP and Time Trial) and three multiplayer modes (Mario Kart GP, Match Race and Battle Mode). In Mario Kart GP one player playes against seven CPU controlled characters in three cups of five races. At first there three cups that you can play on two difficulties (50cc and 100cc). By finishing first in all three cups on 100cc difficulty, a new cup is unlocked, the Special Cup. By winning the fourth cup on 100cc difficulty, the 150cc difficulty level is unlocked. In time trial mode the players race alone, with the goal of beating the other players time.

In multiplayer, Mario Kart GP is the same as in singleplayer, except now there are 6 CPUs and 2 player controlled characters. In Match Race, two players compete against each other without any CPU players on any track in the game. In Battle Mode two players still go head to head against each other without CPUs on the track, but this time on special tracks created specifically for this mode. Each player starts with three balloons which are to be destroyed by the other player. The first player to have all of his balloons destroyed losses the battle.



  • Green Shell, which can either be fired in a straight line forward or dropped into a stationary position.
  • Red Shell, which acts as a homing missile and will attack the driver in front of you.
  • Banana Peel, similar to the green shell, with the exception that its forward shot is fired in an arc.
  • Feather, which allows the user to jump once - useful for getting over obstacles or finding shortcuts.
  • Mushroom, which gives the user a temporary speed boost.
  • Star, which makes the user invincible to everything, and also causes others to spin out on contact.
  • Lightning Bolt, which shrinks all other drivers and causes them to drive slower.
  • Coin, which gives you a few coins when used. 100 coins will NOT award an extra life.
  • Ghost, which can steal one item from another driver.
  • Shrinking Mushroom, which will cause the shrunken effect to anyone who touches it (only usable by CPU controlled Princess and Toad)
  • Fireball, a stationary weapon that spins around in a small circle (only usable by CPU controlled Bowser)
  • Egg, similar to a banana. (Only usable by CPU controlled Yoshi)


Mushroom Cup

  1. Mario Circuit
  2. Donut Plains
  3. Ghost Valley
  4. Bowser Castle
  5. Mario Circuit 2

Flower Cup

  1. Choco Island
  2. Ghost Valley 2
  3. Donut Plains 2
  4. Bowser Castle 2
  5. Mario Circuit 3

Star Cup

  1. Koopa Beach
  2. Choco Island 2
  3. Vanilla Lake
  4. Bowser Castle 3
  5. Mario Circuit: 4

Special Cup

The Special Cup is unlocked after obtaining gold medals in the Mushroom Cup, Flower Cup, and Star Cup on 100cc difficulty. Once a goal medal has been earned on 100cc in the Special Cup, the difficulty 150cc is unlocked.

  1. Donut Plains 3
  2. Koopa Beach 2
  3. Ghost Valley 3
  4. Vanilla Lake 2
  5. Rainbow Road

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