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Super Mario Kart is unbelievably fun! 0

Super Mario Kart came out in the second year of the Super Nintendo's life cycle, and looked really good, and played very well. You take control of one of eight Nintendo characters and race to the top in four different cups.  Super Mario Kart pretty much invented the Kart genre, if not, made it what it was and balanced as well. If you go back and play this game nowadays, most people will realize that compared to Kart racers now, and even within the last decade, this game is no cake walk. Super Ma...

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Undoubtedly one of the greatest racing games of all time. 0

I was trying to think of a way to start this review, I usually start with a brief description of the game in question. However I really don’t see the point in this instance, I was trying to imagine a member of the prestigious Gamespot not knowing of Mario Kart and my brain just couldn’t comprehend such a preposterous thought. However pointless this is you will have to humour me, Mario Kart basically puts all your favourite Nintendo mascots into small go-karts and pits them against each other for...

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Super Mario Kart is a milestone when it comes to racing games. 0

What can be said about Super Mario Kart that most of us don't know already? I'd think very little; everybody knows this is a quality title. From small to big and young to old, the whole world knows Mario Kart and the quality it stands for. And that quality stands for dozens of hours in gameplay fun. That's why this review will mostly concentrate on the minor points that are lesser known from this crown jewel.       First of all, let's hastily revise the strong poin...

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