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Interpol is a puzzle game in which players travel the world, searching for amazing cluttered crime scenes for clues to where the titular villain is in order to stop him from his bad things he does.


A Mission Briefing Screen
A Mission Briefing Screen

The evil Dr. Vladimir Chaosky, more commonly known as Dr. Chaos has been hunted since the Cold War, but has now re-surfaced. It is up to the player to stop Dr. Chaos by investigating crime scenes all over the world and gather enough evidence to track down and capture him.


There are a total of eleven main locations, each with sub locations to explore and uncover clues in. Each of the hidden object scenes contains eight objects to find. At the end of each main stage there will be a special level in which the player must find eight of the same item hidden in the final picture.

Version Differences

XBLA Vs. PC Scene Comparison
XBLA Vs. PC Scene Comparison

While the PC and Mac versions are very similar to the XBLA and PSN versions, there are some differences. One of those differences is in the interface, The XBLA and PSN versions for instance has the item list on the top of the screen while the PC and Mac versions have the list on the right side of the screen.

The XBLA and PSN versions also have up to four player co-op while the PC and Mac versions do not.

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