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Trenched is a multiplayer focused tower defense third person shooter mash-up from Double Fine. The game is very original and has a few simple concepts which it blends very well. However, the game has immense depth and has loot, experience points, item drops, and custom paint jobs. This game is a romping good time and is one of the best arcade releases this year and maybe one of the best I've seen in a while.
The game is about two codebreakers who receive a broadcast that renders them super intelligent and hostile towards each other. This in turn starts a war between the two. You are part of the mobile trenched brigade (mechs) and fight against the monovisions. In each level you are given a base (in some cases multiple bases) to defend. You can lay down turrets to defend you base like a normal tower defense game, but you can also take your trench and fight the monovisions yourself. the trick is combining the two in a strategic way to defend your base successfully. the combination of these concepts works very well and if you want  you can play with just turrets or just your trench. In fact there is an achievement that has you beat a mission, without shooting, by yourself. In any case, this game has a successful formula going for it.
Underneath all of the fighting there is a ton of customization. You can change the paint, weapons, and trench parts (legs and chassis). There are many combinations in which you can create and allows you to make you trench all your own.  Another, cool feature that is in Trenched is that you can see a person's trench when they're playing with you and whoever is on the leaderboards. Most of the equipment you receive from you trench is from loot that enemies drop after you kill them.  These drops are random and are suited for your level. For example, you won't receive the best weapon in the game on your first drop. Also, you can receive items by performing challenges like killing so many enemies with machine guns. Another part of the customization is the ability to customize your marine. Trenched takes a nod towards Team Fortress 2 and you can buy hats and shirts for your marine and each different hat gives your marine a different salute. Also, salutes are awesome nuff' said.
The multiplayer is a core aspect of this game and provides the most joy from it. You can play the game with up to four other people. There is a matchmaking system in play, but the best way to play this is with a of group friends. If you are going to play this game by your lonesome, then don't buy this game because you will be sadly dissatisfied. Also, if you after gamerscore the game's achievements support coop play.
Trenched is a great game and is definitely going to be one of the best if not the best arcade game out this year. Trenched looks great, has a good feel to the shooting and movement, and the customization adds another intricate layer into this inventive game. I recommend Trenched to fans of shooters, tower defense, and mech games.

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