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From top-to-down RPG, similar to old-school Zelda. Attacks can be done by tap and dragging the pen in the motion of the attack.

The player has an option to use several weapons:

  • Fighting Staff - main weapon throughout the game.
  • Sling - to reach targets that area out of reach and behind corners.
  • Whip - for bridging small gaps.
  • Bow - for reaching targets out of reach.
  • Maul - for destroying strong objects.
  • Prolemuris Helper - animal companion who can crawl through small holes and retrieve helpful objects.

The game has also Pandorapedia that has entries about most of the thing that appear in this version of the game.


Young Na'vi boy Nok from Greenhome has heard of the Skypeople (Humans), but never seen them with his own eyes. One time he notices something flying in the sky and sneaks out from the village with his friend Omati, to see what it is. They find a crate that fell from the skypeople flying machine, but it angers the animals near-by. Nok takes upon himself to defeat the animals and returns to village. However when he returns, he sees how the village elders are captured by humans. He then decides to save them. Nok of course succeeds in what he was doing, and Eywa rewards him with hero's weapon and also makes him Alaksi Nari (ready eye). The elders then ask Nok to help defend the Hometree. Which Nok agrees. On top of the hometree he meets with a human Dr. Ossman, who speaks Na'vi to Nok's surprise. after chasing humans away, Nok travels to Skycliffs; he meets a strange girl there, she looks like Na'vi but dresses like human. The girl, Molly, gets trapped by some falling stones, and Nok saves her. after that incident, Nok continues his guest to learn about humans in Skycliffs. He finds Dr. Ossman's lab and also sees Molly there, it turn out that the girl is also human but uses Avatar's body to move around since she is in coma. Nok frees the captured animal with the help of Molly, and follows Dr. Ossman to another base. Dr. Ossman has developed technology that severs plants and animals from the connection to Eywa they have, and test his theories on a tree near Unobtabnium mine. Nok manages to stop him in time. Greenhome elders contact Nok and reveal that they think Nok is the Alaksi Nari, and suggest he'd see a hermit in Dusk Valley, named Lungoray. Lungoray sends Nok to find the bow of previous Alaksi Nari, to prove that he indeed is the next chosen one. after that challenge is met, he sends Nok to find some Glow Worms to strengthen his bond to the Hammerhead Titanothere, with the help of the animals Nok reaches the main base where Dr. Ossman works with the animals of Pandora. molly also comes to Nok's help and sacrifices her avatar body to save him from her father. Lungoray promises to heal Molly's avatar while Nok fights Dr. Ossman's controlled Viperwolf. The technology has bugs in it though and the feedback electrocutes Dr. Ossman and he falls into coma himself. Nok then activates Molly's link bed, to connect her mind with the avatar body Lungoray healed. And the three stand upon the cliff overseeing the RDA base to contemplate about the future.

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