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James Pond 2: Codename Robocod is a side-scrolling platformer which is very similar in feel and gameplay to the early Super Mario Bros. games. The player takes on the role of James Pond; a walking fish with body armour who must free all of the Penguins and Toys that the evil Dr. Maybe has captured. In addition to the more traditional elements of platforming, the player has the ability to extend James' body vertically in order to reach platforms and items. He also has access to a number of vehicles throughout the game, such as cars, biplanes and a flying bath.


  • The UK version of the game contains one of the earliest know forms of in-game product placements with the Penguins in the game advertising the "Penguin" chocolate bar by McVities.
  • The SNES version of the game was called Super James Pond in North America, whereas in other regions it was called Super James Pond 2.
  • The Playstation, Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS versions of the game are re-makes rather than ports, with changes to music, level design and art, they are generally considered to be inferior games.

Critical Reception

Electronic Gaming Monthly's Mike Weigand revealed little in his short review of the SNES version of the game other than his review score of 5 out of ten. He wrote, "...James's ability to make himself tall is quite interesting, but that is really the only special thing about him". He suggested that fans of the franchise may prefer Aquatic Games.

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